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We Knew It From The Start || Collab || If We Ever Meet Again

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

*Hogwarts für alle*

Rupert Grint on Justin Lee Collins

YOUNG HOLLYWOOD 2010 voorbeeld (nylo magazine)

EmmaW. // Gravity

harry potter: the exhibition in ontario with james & oliver phelps

Wizarding World of Harry Potter 360 degree Hogsmeade map

Rap with Fresh Dumbledore feat. Hermione

HP - The Battle // Instrumental

And u Will Lose Everything

hermione granger; black balloon

R/Hr - All This Time

The Mystery Behind Emma Watson's Leg (VIDEO)

R/Hr - My Wish

Rupert/Emma || ...watching you's the only drug I need

Wild Target Trailer

Harry Potter and the Douchebag Magicians

"Ask Emma" responses, part 2

"Ask Emma" responses, part 1

R/Hr - River Flows In u

Harry Potter- Giving In

Harry Potter- I Like To verplaats It

HP - Human

H/G - I Can't Live Without u

I'll never forget Harry Potter!!


Emma's bday messages

Ministry of Magic-Snape vs. Snape lyrics

The Hero

Strut - Emma Watson (HAPPY BIRTHDAY)

Howl - Draco/Hermione *Preview*

Happy Birthday Emma: The Climb

Behind The Scenes - Prisoner of Azkaban (Various Clips)

making the movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban/2

Harry Potter the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Hermione part 3

Gilderoy Lockhart: Shiny Teeth and Me

My Hands - Hermione/Draco **Preview**

RonღHermione ~ What If

A Sirius Black Tribute.

can't make u love me-ron and hermione

Why does it rain-Hermione Granger & Ron Weasley

Happy 20th birthday Emma ♥

Hermione and Ron - Please Don't Leave Me

Ron/Hermione - Why Don't u Like Me?

Ron and Hermione Hospital Scene

Ron/Hermione - Half Blood Prince - u Belong with Me

Hermione & Ron - Hate that i love u so

Ron Weasley & Neville Longbottom - Nobody's Perfect

In Which I Kick Harry Potter in the Face- Draco and the Malfoys

Accio Love R & H

According To u ~ Hermione

Alone on Valentines Day- The Remus Lupins (live)

HP - Oh, Beautiful World

Hermione - Wild Horses

These are Wizards who die! -The Remus Lupins [spoilers]

i'm only human (harry potter)

HP - Give Up The Ghost

HP/Villians - New Born

Harry Potter Dub - The Shrieking Shack

GILDEROY LOCKHART ; everybody loves me

R/Hr - All This Time

HP - Help...I'm Alive

Hermione/Ron - Can u feel the love tonight ?

Don´t Speak -Ron and Hermione

Ron/Hermione - "Tell Me Why"

u and me - hermione + ron

Why Don't u Kiss Her? Ron/Hermione

ron/hermione/lavender u belong with me

Harry Potter - Use Somebody

UPRISING : HP voorbeeld

R/Hr - Need u Now

R/Hr - Afterall

JK Rowling Reads Harry Potter At White House Egg Roll

Malfoy Manor [Draco and Hermione]

R/Hr - Falling

draco malfoy; beneath the surface

HP - What About Now?

R/Hr - Ever The Same

EmmaW. // Beautiful girl

draco/hermione; as u wish the meaningless

Ellen Experiences the Wizarding World of HP!


draco&hermione ; destroy u

H/G - LoveTheme door Isaias Garcia

HP Trio - Those Nights

Jacob Hermione

Here With Me (Jacob/Hermione)

jacob&hermione- "..break this bittersweet spell on me.."

R/Hr - Rescue Me


H/G - Falling Slowly

JK Rowling at the "Tales of Beedle the Bard" Auction

Tom Felton & Evanna Lynch - "So Yum Yum"

Those Nights [Preview]

Looking Back [Harry & Hermione]

R/Hr - Trouble

R/Hr - Pour Some Sugar On Me

HPPP and TMTN! Watch! u will crack up!