There's going to be a newcomer vocaloid that is coming out soon, Their name is Shelly~ Chan Kanin and Shelden~Kun Kanin

Names Pronounce:
Shelly~ Chan Kanin (Shell~ee Cha-nn Ka-nean)
Shelden~ Kun Kanin (Shell-den Kuun Ka-Nean)

Shelly- Female
Shelden- Male

Shelly ~ 11 Years Old
Shelden ~ 16 years Old

They are also Twins like Rin and Len. When Miku saw them both she was a little scared, cause they can Trick around like Rin and Len do. Plus they do love to be joking around and doing tricks.

About Them~
Shelly Chan Kanin~~~
Shelly,the little sister of the Kanin Family, she loves to laugh and she also loves to sing and dance, she pretty much does a flexable dance. She Admires Akita Neru and Rin Kagamine.
She see's Miku as the bad side, she quite doesn't like her, but she loves her songs. She dreams of becoming one of the best Vocaloids their is.
She has a little Crush On Len Kagamine, but not crazy as Neru has a crush on Len. She can get pretty pissied off at everything, like when Len of Kaito is perverted of when people do stupid things,of course she has anger issue's.

Shelden Kun Kanin~~~
He's the older brother of the Kanin Family. He loves to fool around with his little sister. Plus he is an expert on Gun Shooting. He likes his own style, Black and Red, Gothic Style. He loves to hang around with Kaito and Len but not when they are perverted. Somehow he doesn't toon much expression but sometimes he does, espically when he is with is sister. He already has a Girlfriend that lives back in his old place. Her name is Anamarine ( Ana- Ma-Rean).

About how they became in the Vocaloid Group~~

Shelly always wanted to be a Vocaloid, Shelden also wanted to be one as well. So they went on a train and met the Vocaloids. Miku,Rin,Len,Meiko,Kaito,Luka,Akita,and the other's both wanted to test them how they Sing and Dance. Sense they are flexable at dancing Miku and the others loved it. So they joined. Plus their voices were awesome like Kaito and Miku.

Their Voice Range:

Shelly's: Higher Pitch Teto Kasane
Shelden's: Lower Pitch Len Kagamine

Character Iteam:
Shelly's - Laptop/Fruits
Shelden's- Gun/PSP