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Opinion by lcbunn posted een jaar geleden
fan of it?
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I'm a very new fan to Heartland, since I just moved into the 'hood. This week, HL is filming at the end of my road....MY ROAD! I drive past the trailers every dag and peek to see if I can spot cast members, practically driving in to the ditch each time. I emailed my neighbour to see if I could schommel, swing door her ranch to get a behind the scenes look, but she hasn't gotten back to me yet. I hope she'll let me drop door for tea. This is all very exciting. Now that I own all of Season one and two on dvd, I'm really looking fwd to season 3 on disc, since we don't have any tv signal at our house. u all should know that those sweeping panoramic scene shots don't do this place's ALL OF THAT! And more! Peace out!