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de keuze van de fan: While in Hogwarts
While in Hogwarts
love them both
de keuze van de fan: Yes.
de keuze van de fan: Intrigued
de keuze van de fan: 14 to 21
de keuze van de fan: Hogwarts Hermione (Legal age)
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fansfunsz zei …
i like them geplaatst een jaar geleden
RDJ-4EVA zei …
hallo anyone else notice how in Prisoner of Azkaban, when Snape jumps in to protect to Golden Trio he seem a little meer protective of Hermione. And when Lupin "swipes" at them they just ''happen'' to fall volgende to each other and yet he still seems protective of her. Then when Potter runs off he holds onto Hermione. Just noticed that today while watching it. geplaatst een jaar geleden
mbasciani zei …
Hi! I'm Marian I love SSHGFF I'm stuck trying to remember 1name particular It was long Mrated its mostly kanon had them in secret platonic relationship at 1st changed after he killed Dumbledore and the golden3 left (HG betrayed) they found each other in the woods snowing and snape explained everything they admitted their feelings and moved on to the volgende level she sometimes snuck into the Snape's chambers when he became headmaster I know its little to go door but if rings a klok, bell plz let me know! geplaatst een jaar geleden