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volume 4
season 3
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This Heroes kunst van een fan might contain portret, headshot, and close-up.

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 Evil Claire Bennet
Evil Claire Bennet
If u missed the latest episode of 'Heroes', 'One Of Us, One Of Them', don't worry, I'm sure u can find linken to videos of all episodes on fanpop.com. 'Heroes' may currently be the best toon going other than Showtimes 'Dexter', which recently aired episode 1 of season 3. I'm here to give u a few details about the last episode of 'Heroes'.

Matt Parkman, played door Greg Grunberg, is stuck in Africa on a spirit walk after being teleported there door future Peter Petrelli in the first episode. Parkman became aware that future Peter shot his brother Nathan. Parkman is being guided door an African...
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"Aren't u curious to see how it all plays out!?"
season 3
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