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This Heroes kunst van een fan might contain portret, headshot, and close-up.

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Heroes muziek Video | Tatu "Not Gonna Get Us" [hq]
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 Future Hiro
Future Hiro
Time travel as a conceit in writing and plot development is not new. However, the writers often take liberties in how they implement the time travel and very few try to make causality work in any definite way. Often it is left up to the reader of viewer to "make up" a way where causal relationships still hold true. Heroes started off very promising with a time travel character, Hiro, who seems to be bound door strict rules of causality and what I will refer to as Linear Time Travel. Last night's episode - where Hiro travels to a dark future and witnesses some troubling...
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Without a doubt Heroes was one of the huge breakout hits of the 2006/07 televisie season. The toon almost cured me of my Lost addiction (at the very least it made up for Lost's lengthy mid-season hiatus).

One of the best aspects of Heroes was the series' creators willingness to "play for keeps". meer specifically this meant that the stakes in the story were high. Characters would be sacrificed to propel the story along. Some would die tragically others might be "collateral damage". Either way, the writers' aimed to keep us on our toes and realize that the threat of death of permanent injury...
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muziek video
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Just a review of what Sylar can do because it can get a bit confusing and I'm sure a lot of people have lost track.

It's been insinuated pretty strongly that Sylar gains his abilities through 'Intuitive Aptitude'. He uses his understanding of how things work that this entails to study the brains of people with abilities to see how theirs works differently to people who don't have their ability. Using this information he can somehow change his own brain functions so that he too can access the ability. The potential for abilities revolves around the myth that we only use 10% of our brain potential,...
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