I've seen a lot of this and it's starting to get on my nerves. There are a lot of fans on here who are telling other fans that there pairing doesn't make any sense and that they "don't have a history". Who the hell cares? It's an anime for God sakes!
I understand completely where u history fangirls are comming from (yes i called u history fangirls) with the whole history thing. But that doesn't mean that u need to go off and call a UsUk fan of a Franada fan idiots because their pairing "makes absolutely no sense". I don't support those couples either but I don't go around and calling people names for supporting something I find uncomfortable. If I wanted to care about history I'd go to history class.
My point is, some of the things some of u say (not saying any names) are very offensive and very insecure. If u don't like a pairing, then leave the page of don't commentaar and verplaats on. Don't bully ppl online. Yes, that's a form of cyberbullying.
Just put yourself in their shoes. Would u like it if someone called u an idiot for supporting something that suposedly "makes no sense"? It hurts! I've been bullied and it's not fun. It doesn't feel good to be called stupid.
This is an anime and the site is called fanpop. FANpop. History shouldn't matter. All that matters is the anime. Besides, if Hetalia is off on their history anyway, than why the hell should real world history matter? I love history as much as the volgende person, but I don't call ppl horrible names for shipping a couple who, in real life, hate each other. It's not the 'countries' it's the anime characters everybody loves. so lay off.
Just watch what u say to ppl and think about what u are going to type to another person before u actually post it. And if u are really pissed off, ask yourself "would I like it if anyone zei this to me?" Yeah, think about it. Use your heads.
Please do not bad mouth me. I am really not in the mood to fight with anyone.