Hetalia: England 7 minuten in Heaven With Britain

nanachan78 posted on Jul 13, 2012 at 05:51AM
Okay there's 8 colors to choose from you picked green. You yelled out your collar & everyone looked for who had the color green. Britain's face was bright red and he looked irritated he has a green color peace of paper in his hand "I never agreed to this..." said Britain. You the Britain fan you are were so happy, but you didn't show it you thought if you went all crazy for him in public you might never have a chance with him. America shoved you two in a closet. France winked and said "Oh hon hon If only Britain wasn't with (insert name) if it were me I would show (insert name) some real 7 minutes in heaven oh hon hon" Britain clutched his fist and was about to kill France, but America slammed the door closed. You looked over at Britain and saw he was really irritated. You simply smiled and didn't know what to talk about. You both were quiet for at least 4 minutes. You thought "If we remain quiet I might not get closer to Britain... I have to say something, but what!? Oh man..." you finally thought of something. You said "Hey Bri-" you were cut off "So... um I understand being in here with me for 7 minutes might be uncomfortable..." Britain said. He was scratching the back of his head. You blinked you thought "Is he being insecure...?" He said "I actually was brought here against my will... that bloody git America took me here..." he was mumbling about him. You smiled and said "Listen it doesn't matter whether you came here because you wanted to or not. Your here right now" you smiled even bigger "You just got to smile and get over it" He looked up at you he blushed slightly and he said "Since when did you start talkling weird?" You blushed and said "Weird? I thought it would help you!" you had a joking tone in your voice "Geez, your so negative can't you just say thanks or something?" He jolted "Negative!? There's nothing wrong with me I am the Great Britain!" he said. Thought he didn't have that angry voice he does when he yells at some one he sounded more joking as well. Later on you spent your last 2 minutes with him joking around. You were so happy you were having so much fun talking then "OKAY DUDES TIMES UP!" The Hero opened the door with a burger in his hand another burger shoved in his mouth. Britain scowled "Seriously America when will you stop eating such greasy foods!? Don't come crying to me when your a fat ass!" Britain and him were doing there famous fights. You simply smiled watching them then left. You walked home a lone when the sun was setting and the sky looked orange. The scenery fitted this moment perfectly. You walked home alone so happy. You bonded with Britain you didn't expect anything any better to happen to day until... You were about to open your door until your heard some one call out your name. You looked behind you and it was Britain. "U-um I actually had a great time chatting with you. Why don't we have a pint some time and chat some more?" Said Britain making a friendly smile. That was so rare of him... You jokingly said "If your drinking then I have to stay sober to drive you home!" THe End
 Okay there's 8 colors to choose from u picked green. u yelled out your kraag & everyone looked

Hetalia: England 2 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden nanachan78 said…
I hope whoever reads it likes it. I tried to make Britain act like he does in the show.
een jaar geleden girinuyasha said…
You did a really good job :D And Britain did act like how he is in the show xD