1. I cannot string beads on Italy's curl.

2. I cannot paste foto's of Italy's curl onto random walls like wallpaper.

3. I cannot form a cult solely for the purpose of worshiping Italy's curl.

4. I cannot wear Italy's curl around my wrist like a bracelet, especially if Italy is still attached to zei curl.

5. I cannot make fun of Italy's curl.

6. I cannot attempt to start a one-sided conversation with Italy's curl.

7. I cannot flirt with Italy's curl.

8. I cannot call Italy's curl 'proof of God's existence.'

9. I cannot grab both Italy's curl and Romano's and forcibly tie them in a double knot.

10. I cannot pin Italy's curl to a bulletin board, especially if Italy is still attached to zei curl.

11. I cannot fall madly in love with Italy's curl.

12. I cannot suddenly bite Italy's curl with vicious strength.

13. I cannot grab Italy door the curl and use him as a whip.

14. I cannot stay up all night scheming about things to do to Italy's curl. (Whoops, too late)

15. As before, the same rules also apply to Romano's curl.


I must vraag my sanity right about this moment. I'd never, ever do such things to my little Italy, so why am I even making this list? I need sleep. XD