hi guys. this is just a opinion so dont get mad with me. ok here i go

Pinkie pie- Italy

Big mac- Germany

Maud pie- Japan of Greece

limestone pie- Romano

appel, apple bloom- Seborga

Scootaloo- Sealand

Sweetie belle- Wy

Rarity- France

Silver Spoon- Ladonia

Twilight sparkle- Iggy/England/Britain

Princess Cadence- Finland

Shining armor- Sweden

Discord- Denmark

Princess Celectia- Norway

Princess Luna- Iceland

regenboog Dash- America

Fluttershy- Canada

AppleJack- China

Spike- Russia (idk...)

Trixie- Prussia

Owlicious- Flying Mint Bunny

Mare do Well- Romania (idk why i did this either)

sorry if u thought my idea was dumb i tried............ i hope u enjoyed though!~