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 New character: Maria Clara
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María Clara de los Santos, a character in Noli Me Tangere - Jose Rizal's (Philippine national hero) novel supposedly against colonial Spain . Maria Clara is the so-called "ideal image" of a Filipino woman.
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This Hetalia foto contains chainlinkomheining and playtime hek.

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I don't understand why people keeps thinking that HRE and Germany are the one and same person because in my mind HRE ISN't GERMANY. Germany and HRE are in my head two different people.
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This is my new and latest video which I have made with my Windows Movie Maker 2.6. I hope u other people like this video. It might be possible that some pictures doesn't fit to the lyrics but I really hope that u like this video.
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My Little Malaysia.

Rolling around a field that was full of hibiscus flowers was a young 2 jaar old child. Giggling while sucking his thumb looking up in the sky.The fact he didn't know where's his parents was have not concerned the young black haired child.Only wearing a white dress like gown,brown-reddish wide eyes,tanned face with black shiny shaggy hair.Yes, it definatly shows he is an asean.It has been for two days now that the child was on this island and yet the child still in healthy state.

"My god! a child! " a women cries upon seeing him on the ground humming random tune.

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