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posted by Sasuke_Fan17
It was raining in the forest.A girl named Jasmin,her vrienden called her Jazz because of her liking for Music(U know,Jazz is a Type of Music), landed in the Naruto-World.

Jazz:Where the hell am I?

She goes to a cave and sang her favoriete song "Next to you" door Chris Brown and Justin Bieber to encourage herself,as two arms wrapped around her.

Jazz:What the...?

???:He bitch, what are u doing here?

Inner Jazz:He!!!Don't touch me!!!

Jazz broke the hug and turned around to see the person who hugged her.The guy was circa 25 centimeters taller than her.He had got silver hair and violet eyes.

To be continued...
Hidan is my boyfriend got that! I am a real akatsuki member and the reason i am not on the toon is because i hate to be surounded door fan boys! Here i can prove i know everything about him:
nail polish color:dark green
is a jashinist
a foul mouth
has deep purple
has a love for pockys [a choclate covered biscuit stick]
my age:20
is an imortal
i am an imortal too
so there!

With love -raiku~san-

p.s. yes he is sexy ok so i guess u do know a little but i still think u should back off!

oh thanks for your support peeps!>.<
posted by AlexWhittier
Hidan is a religious zealot when it comes to his cult-like faith called Jashinism. His entire battle style revolves around obtaining opponents blood for his ritual which honors Jashin, even though it has a tedious number of requirements to perform. Before becoming a Jashinist Hidan defected from his village Yugakure, because it had deteriorated from a shinobi village to a tourist town. Hidan even went as far as to kill his neighbors before leaving. Hidan’s main reason for choosing to become a Jashinist was because slaughtering enemies in battle is considered a sacred act. Hidan seems to draw...
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posted by Sasuke_Fan17
Previously at Silver Rain:
Jazz landed in the Naruto World,and went to a cave to flee from the Rain.Suddenly someone was hugging her.As she broke the hug she saw a guy with silver hair and violet eyes,who is circa 25 centimeters taller than Jazz.

Jazz:I don't know,I want to flee from the rain.


Jazz*thinks*Shut up Inner!!!

???:Well...Who the hell are u bitch?

Jazz:*annoyed*I am Jasmin,my vrienden call me Jazz.

???:I am Hidan,nice to meet you.

Inner Jazz:*gets glittering eyes*So this is Hidan....Hehe....

Jazz:*thinks*Shut up,would you,Inner?!?

Inner Jazz:Okay,Okay.

Hidan:You have a fucking beautiful voice,Jazz.

Inner Jazz:UWAH!HE'VE HEARD US?!?OH NO!!!!!

Suddenly Hidan came closer to Jazz.She blushed and awaited what is coming next.

To be continued...
Teehee. I made up this story out of nowhere while I was RPing with one of my friends. 'Twas entertaining to make.I edited it to make it seem meer like a story.The backstory is that her OC, Aiko, is an old friend of Hidan(Whom I was RPing). And she went to dig him up after he was buried. It's not a romance(as of now, lol).Beware! Contains cursing on Hidan's behalf.... MUAHAHAWell, ONWARDS!

Did u read the memo, huh?
Aiko walked through the forest, grumbling as she went. "Damn that Hidan, always getting in trouble. I'm the one who always has to bail him out." She cursed inwardly at...
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