The volgende day, Via went to the boys. The boys were about to leave..
Harry: (getting worried) Have u seen Via?
El: Her mom didn't allow her to come with us..
Harry: (disappointed and call Via) Answer the phone please..

Via wearing this: link
Via: (answers her phone) Hello, Harry?
Harry: Oh thanks u answered my call.. I called u ten times last night and u didn't answer.
Via: Oh, sorry.
Harry: Where are you?
Via: (chuckles) Turn around.
Harry: (turns around) Wha- (sees her)
Via: (smiling)
Harry: (hugs her tight)
Via: (hugs back)
Zayn: (watching them and gets jealous)
Via: (pulls away) Sorry, I can't come..
Harry: Why?
Via: (glances at Zayn and looks down)
Harry: (looks at Zayn and back to Via) Because of him?
Via: (nods)
Harry: I promise I'll be back as soon as possible. We're going on tour for one month.
Via: That's too long.. One month?
Harry: yeah. But I promise to be back as soon as I can.

Zayn's POV
It hurts seeing her with other guy. I wish I was the reason why she's smiling right now. Not Harry.

Harry: hallo can I kiss your- (points her cheek)
Via: Huh?
Harry: (kisses her cheek) Goodbye. (gets inside the tour bus)
Via: (just stood there smiling)
After a week.. [A/N: sorry for skipping]

Via's POV
I was in my room doing nothing. I really miss them. Especially... especially.. Harry- well I have to admit I really really miss him. He makes me happy all the time. I turned my Mac on and logged on to twitter.

I tweeted:
Soo borring!! Wish u were here @Eleanor_Calder [A/N: I only made that user name.]

Then a few seconden later she tweeted back..

@JessyConnelly Miss you, too. But there's a boy here right beside me and he misses u meer xD

I zei to myself 'what is she talking about?'
Then a few minuten later someone private messaged me

From: Harry_Styles
Missing u sooo much Dx

When I read that tweet I was like: link

I don't know what to reply.. I wrote

To: Harry_Styles

Missing you, too.. xD

Then he replied;

From: Harry_Styles

I promise to be back. And...ermmm... I love you...

When I read those words I don't know what to do. I just... smiled.