The volgende day.. Via at Starbucks around 7:30 a.m.
She's wearing this:

Via: (drinking cappuccino and turns on her Mac)

A girl approaches her...
Girl: Hello.
Via: (looks at the girl) Hi.
Girl: Hi, I'm Jane Kris.
Via: (smiles) I'm Olivia Connelly.
Jane: you're the girl on tv with Liam Payne.
Via: Ermmm...
Jane: Are u two dating?
Via: No. We're not dating.
Jane: okay.. Can I take a picture with you?
Via: Okay. (smiles)
Jane: (gets her camera and takes a picture of them) Thank you.
Via: No problem. (smiles)
Jane: (leaves)

She was about to leave Starbucks when medias approaches her.
Paparazzi 1: You're Olivia Connelly, right?
Via: (don't know what to do) yeah.
Paparazzi 2: Are u and Liam dating?
Via: No, we're not dating. (walking away)

Paparazzis follow her.

Via: (walking away fast)
Paparazzi 3: (following her) Are u hanging out with the one direction boys?
Paparazzi 4: (also following her) Why are u not in the tour with them?
Via: (walks away until she reaches the street)

Just then while she was in the middle of the road, a car swerves out of control.

Via: (sees the car and was shocked)
???: Via! (jumps in front of her)

Well, they are not hit door the car.

Paparazzi 1: It's Harry Styles! (takes a picture of them)
Paparazzi 3: He saved her life!

Via: Harry?
Harry: I told u I'll come back as soon as I can.

The medias are not taking pictures of them.

Harry: Are u okay?
Via: Yes, I'm okay.
Harry: (puts on his hoodie and takes her hand) Let's go.
Via: (goes with him)

At the car...

Harry: (sitting beside her) How are u feeling?
Via: I thought that was the end of my life. (relieved)
Harry: If your life will end, I will end my life, too.
Via: (looks at him) Don't say something like that, Harry.
Harry: u are my life. I can't live without you.
Via: (looks at him)
Harry: I hope you're now ready.
Via: Ready for what?

The car stops in front of their house.

Via: (gets out of the car)
Harry: (gets out) I want to court you.
Via: (looks down)
Harry: I'm not like Zayn. I won't hurt you.
Via: Okay.
Harry: (smiling) What do u mean okay?
Via: It's a yes!
Harry: You'll be my-
Via: Yes, i'll be your girl. (smiles)

Harry's POV

When she zei those words, I was like: link

at last! Yes, she's my girl!


Harry: (hugs her tight) I love you.
Via: (hugs back) i love you, too.
Harry: (pulls away and leans in)
Via: (stares at him)
Harry: (kisses her lips softly)
Via: (kisses back)
Harry: (pulls away and hugs her again)
Via: (hugs back)