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We wish we could meld that last night, Hilarie burton told us at the Breaking Dawn premiere that she would be returning to One boom heuvel for the series finale, but alas, she still will be a no-show.

We asked burton (who attended the premiere with beau Jeffrey Dean morgan (Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, Weeds) where she thinks Peyton Scott would be now since driving off into the sunset with her hubby Lucas and their newborn baby.

"She's probably super pregnant with four of five," she tells us. "She's having a Lucas Scott little, I'm sure!"

That's an intense scenario, and morgan definitely agreed....
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Magic Morgan

Jeffrey Dean morgan who is busy shooting for ‘Magic City’ tells Ian Spelling about his career plans

Air? Who needs to come up for air? Certainly not Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The actor has wrapped four films that will have been released door the end of 2011: The Resident, Texas Killing Fields, Peace, Love & Understanding and The Courier. The long-delayed Red Dawn remake will finally open in 2012, as will The Possession. And right now morgan is shooting an upcoming cable-television series entitled Magic City.

‘’I spent a lot of years doing nothing but breathing...
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The Other Hilarie

Hilarie burton stars as Peyton Sawyer—the beautiful cheerleader torn between two half brothers—on the WB drama One boom Hill. As if that weren't enough, Hilarie is also an MTV veejay. And she just finished shooting an independent film, Our Very Own. Despite her busy schedule, Hilarie, 22, made time to chat with Teen Newsweek.

TN: What were u like in high school?
HB: I went through a lot of changes in high school. In ninth grade, I wanted to be the all-American girl. I was a cheerleader. I couldn't afford Abercrombie & Fitch [clothes], but I wanted to look like I...
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