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posted by morgan-le-fay
Full Name: morgan Dea Malfoy
Age: 14
Year: 4
House: Slytherin
Also Known As: Ice Queen, Slytherin Princess.

Mother: Astoria Greengrass
Father: Draco Malfoy
Brother: Scorpius Malfoy (Twin)

Eyes: Browny-Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Pale

morgan seems like she does not care but the truth is she would do anything for her family, especially Scorpius. morgan has a very short temper and sometimes she will react before she thinks which can cause bad consequences.

Scorpius- morgan is very close to Scorpius and when the are at home pagina the spend most of their time together. While they are at school morgan will stand up for Scorpius and most likely us magic on some of the people who insult him.

morgan doesnt get along with many people but if she decides she likes someone she will be very nice to them
posted by LunaLovegood123
Name: Klariza Ann Tatson (Klariza -> Kluh-air-e-suh)

Blood Satus: Pureblood ( I have no Problem w/muggles)

House: Ravenclaw

Age: 13

Year: 3

Height: 5 ft

Pet: Parakeet

Personality: Spacey, Not shy, Talkative

Nickname: Claire, Ann, Wordy

favoriete Teacher: Pomona Sprout

favoriete Subject: Charms

Description: Normally I try to meet everyone, and make a impression. I get called Wordy alot, considering how much i talk. Claire is just short for Klariza. Sometimes I space out in the middle of something and wouldn't notice if Hogwarts was Burning. Some good vrienden of mine are Call Stiller (Ravenclaw) and Tilly Takser (Gryffindor)
I don't have any crush. They are very entertaining people, my friends. :)
Name: Lunara Isabel Silversparrow (Half blood)

House: Ravenclaw

Age: 13

Year: 3

Height: 6'8"

Pet: Spotted Brown Wood Owl

Personality: Shy at first, Smart, Spunky, Insane

Nickname: Luna, Bookworm, Giant

favoriete teacher: Professor McGonagall

favoriete subject: Care of Magical Creatures

Description: I'm very shy at first, but when u get to know me I'm extremely insane. I'm often called "Giant" for being so tall, "Bookworm" for always reading, and "Luna" short for Lunara. My best vrienden are straal, ray Dragonspear (Ravenclaw) and Ashley Goldenbird (Hufflepuff). My crush is Jacob Skyflyer (Ravenclaw). My favorite
posted by Amee-Morgan
Name: Amee Sidhe
House: ravenclaw
Age: 14
Blood Status: Half Blood
Year: 4th
Wand: Oak
Looks: long, brown hair, green eyes, tall
Personality: Shy but sneaky
Broom: none (doesn't like flying)
favoriete Class: Potions
favoriete Teacher: Profesor Snape

I am a shy girl but that makes it all the better to be sneaky.
I try to be nice to most people but sometimes that doesn't always work.
the sorting hat had to decide between slytherin and ravenclaw but i think it chose a good house.
I get along well with the slytherins but i try to get along with a range of different people.
i don't have any family at hogwarts and my mother is the only witch in my family she went a differnet school.
posted by KatTayle
 My Sister
My Sister
Name: Delilah Granger

House: Ravenclaw

Age: 11

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Year: 1st

Wand: Oak and Unicorn Hair

Looks: Short, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, lots of bug bites.

Personality: Shy but fun loving

Broom: Cleansweep 7

Pet: Owl named Dumbledore

Favorite Class: Charms

Favorite Teacher: Profesor McGonagall

Quidditch Position: Seeker

Other: Hermione's younger sister

My name is Delilah. On the dag I turned eleven, I got a letter inviting me to Hogwarts. Now I'm learning spells in a magical castle!

On the train, I met a whole buch of people, and I made some friends! My best vrienden are Maggie Gingerblossem...
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posted by stay_strung
Full Name: Dylan Zoely Weasley
Age: 15
Year: 5
House: Slytherin
Also Known As: Weasley , Snake

Mother: Hermione Granger
Father: Ron Weasley
Brother: Rose Weasley , Hugo Weasley

Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Skin: Light Brown

Dylan is the only Weasley to be sorted into Slytherin. She doesn't have red hair like her other Weasley's and she tend to be short with people.

Zoely Love- Zoely is Dylan's best friend. Zoely is also the girlfriend of Draco Malfoy's son, Scorpious Malfoy. Zoely is also a Slytherin. Though, she is a muggle born.
posted by morgan-le-fay
first when becoming a roleplay character please write a beschrijving of your character.
Try and include name, age, house, year.

seconde the characters in harry potter are aloud to be used but it is first come first served so be nice.

Third enjoy


your roleplay character can take any journey but unless it is part of their character try not to insult others. I say this meaning mudblood is ok to use but slytherins i am talking to us try not to use it all the time.

Roleplay is meant for fun so let everyone enjoy it.

Also non roleplayers are aloud but people won't know if u are on harrys side of the dark lords.

(You might be able to tell from this artikel but yes i am a Slytherin and i do support the Dark Lord but i want this to be a fair place for everyone that is why i called it hogwarts x)