I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but I haven't quite come up with the best way HOW to do it and I finally figured it out. Here's what we're going to do:

link, and of course everyone has seen them. They are compiled based on user ratings of the film. So I thought what a great idea it would be to have the Fanpop users in this spot make their own! IMDB & Fanpop have a little bit of a different demographic between each other so this should be really interesting. If u would like to participate, please read the small lijst of rules I have below! :)

1. Think long and hard about your 20 favoriete horror movies.
Because once u bevestig it, there's no going back. If u keep editing & deleting/rewriting your commentaar I'm not going to take it too literal. Think HARD about your 20 favorites! This can be considered a guide for anyone who is looking to get into a new horror movie, all they'd have to do is look at our recommended list! So don't be wishy-washy.

2. Comment on this artikel ONLY with your list.
Don't commentaar on various picks, photos, videos, links, of forums with your list. Sending me a message with your lijst is also out of the question. It will be much easier for me to compile if all the lists are in one place, and that being this article. Just remember to think hard about your lijst before u hit that bevestig button!

3. Please put the jaar at the end of the movie title.
Even if there is no remake, it just makes it easier on me and other users to identify your movie door the jaar it was made.

4. You don't HAVE to pick a complete 20 movies.
But it would be very helpful if u did. If u don't have a solid 20 favoriete horror movies, don't put in some fillers if they really aren't your favorite. If u have meer than 20, you're free to put them in your lijst just in case things don't balance out right. Be sure to number those extra ones though, just in case. And this brings me to my volgende "rule".

5. You don't have to number your favorites.
Numbering them won't really make a difference. I am just going to use them based on how many people put it on their list. For example, if a total of 7 people have A Nightmare on Elm Street in their lists, but nobody has it as number one and that is the top, boven film, then it would go as #1 in the Fanpop top, boven 20 list. Make sense? Of course you're free to number them, it's just really not necessary.

6. Be prepared to leave a commentaar about your film pick.
I would like to add a user commentaar about the film for meer incentive about why this is our favoriete film, so just be prepared to leave a commentaar about it if I ask you. Don't leave one in the artikel now with your list, but as I'm compiling the article, just be prepared. It would be something along the lines of a mini review of sorts: "I love this film because the plot is fantastic and it keeps u on the edge of your zitplaats, stoel from start to finish!"

Once everything is done, and I think all the people that are going to commentaar actually have, I will compile a big artikel complete with everything.

If u have any questions, comments, of concerns about this idea please message me. I would like to keep all commentaren in this artikel only of the users list. Have fun guys! I hope coming up with your lijst is FUN and not trouble-some :)