Horror films Old Horror Movie; ending with killers putting note under door. help

chadjayy posted on Sep 14, 2015 at 03:48AM
It's a kind of an old movie. I'm guessing 1995-2005 timespan. I feel like it was horror & action. A little after the middle I'm guessing, this couple went to this rest stop/gas station/mini restaurant for help. The guy leaves to go outside to use a payphone. The blonde girl go uses the bathroom & sees some writing on it. The old couple that owns the place then kidnaps her, & puts her in a truck. Later on, she is tied to a round table with I believe her braw & underwear on with several other people in the room. Eventually, her boyfriend & another girl drive through the place. The rest I can't remember, except at the end, the guy & that other girl (i think his girlfriend died) are at some house or apartment, & the killers,kidnappers or whoever they were slide a note or pamphlet under their door to let them know they're still alive. Please help. It might be related to a cult possibly? I just think it was a group of people out to get or sacrifice certain people. It's really just a blur.

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