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posted by Irene3691
In the morning Cuddy is in her office working. Fifteen minuten after than when he was supposed to be there, House gets in.
‘Wow it's your best mark.’ She looks at the time. ‘And you’re not complaining!
‘I've come here to complain!!’
‘Of course, I want to complain about the fact that u notify me that I don't complain!!’
Cuddy sighs. ‘I just wanted to know if this summer you're going to go on vacation and when, because I have to make new schedules.’
‘Of course. I'm going on holidays. I need a break!! When can I go and how long??’
‘You have three weeks off. But...
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posted by Irene3691
Well, this is our first fic ever and we put a lot of enthusiasm on it. We wrote it in English so it is accessible to meer people, but it’s not our mother tongue, so we beg u pardon for all our possible mistakes. It is mainly written door three of us, with a special participation. Each of us took a character so we could give different points of view to the story. We’ve been writing this fic for nine months of so and it’s already finish. We wrote it while the TV toon was being broadcast so many things don’t coincide with the show. We’re still editing it so, if u have any consideration,...
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posted by cudambercam13
Wilson's Place-
Today there was going to be a fundraiser at the hospital, one of House's least favoriete things volgende to clinic duty. Cuddy was forcing Wilson to make House wear a suit to fit the theme. "Fix your tie. Your going to look like Lou Costello." "Maybe I want to look like Lou Costello," zei House while fixing his tie.
"What exactly is the theme?" "I'm not supposed to tell you." This either meant It was a surprise, of House wouldn't like it. Besides, the only way it could be a surprise was if they turned the hospital into a strip club.
Cuddy's Place-
"Are u sure your not coming?"...
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posted by heeeresjoyce
This is an artikel about how oldmovie is such an amazing user and contributor on the House M.D. spot. Also, thanks to all of the users that helped me with this, whether they're in the artikel of not.

Ever read a soapbox about House and had your brain explode from all of the things u hadn’t noticed in the toon of characters before but now realized were true? Seen a great, very interesting pick, of one that made u literally laugh out loud? There’s a good chance it was door OM. She’s written many amazing articles, and often posts very thought-provoking picks. And of course many of us know...
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posted by HouseJr
Okay I just have to sit down and write this it shouldn’t be this hard right, wrong; I’m terrible at making gifts!!! But Christmas Eve is 2mrw and I’d feel really bad if I didn’t get it finished so I just have to do it. I know regarding House u like Wilson and Huddy, so here is a oneshot fanfic written off the top, boven of my head that (hopefully) includes those 2 elements (inclusion not guaranteed to be balanced XD) Merry Christmas newmixgirl, I hope u enjoy this :D

House’s POV
Well here I am again, all alone on Christmas Eve and I’ll be alone tomorrow as well *sigh* (A/ N Don’t ask...
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I feel like I’ve lost meer than the love of my life. I feel like my best friend has disappeared. I know I always only give Wilson that title, but the truth is that she is on the same level of loyalty within my mind. I wish I had the courage to tell her this small fact…She would never believe me anyway. She never has believed me when I am being genuine. I deserve some of that ridicule and mistrust, but not all of it. I did bring her that med-school desk, showed up at that horrible 80’s dance to impress her with my determination, and told her she made me feel funny.

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See you're a Chameron so, Came up with this poem for them and YOU. :) This goes from Cameron's perspective. Merry Christmas!

When I remember Tuesday
I'll remember to think of you

When u remember Tuesday
I hope u will too
These years that have passed
We can't take them back
Even if we didn't want to
the strength is what we lack

Yeah the pain takes it's burden now
and we both want to take it all
every moment we were rising
and every moment we took a fall
but sweetie there's no point
in taking away what we want to erase
because no matter how hard we try
all those memories we'll have to face
They stay with...
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posted by rosehustle1
"So, Rachel is a Christmas baby?" House asked nonchalantly as he sat down across from Lisa Cuddy's desk. She looked up from her computer screen and sighed.
"House don't u have clinic?"
"I don't actually. Someone named Taub is filling in for as I was saying, isn't her birthday around this time of year?"
"She was actually born a few days before but no exact dag is known. I picked December 20th so she can share the dag with my dad. I thought it would be a special connection for them to share. Why?"
House studied her face for a moment before digging into his pocket and revealing a small...
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"Now, I just want to reiterate that I hate Christmas and all of the religous hypocrisy connected to it, but u are my woman now so...I put up a tree." He zei as he opened the door to his apartment to reveal the lit up Christmas boom in the corner. Remy smiled brightly and turned to look at him.
"It's beautiful...but u didn't have to. This is your place."
House bit his lip and reached out for her hand. She took his hand tightly with in her own and followed him to the sofa.
"Well, it's funny u should mention that...I want...I would like you..."
"Greg?" She asked wearily.
"Live here." He...
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"My dad wants to meet u for Christmas dinner." Remy zei as she handed James a mug of hot cocoa.
"He does? That is...understandable." He zei with a nervous twitch. Remy smiled and sank down volgende to him on the sofa.
"My dad is actually very laid back about my significant others. He'll adore you. I mean, who couldn't?" She declared before placing a chaste kiss on his cheek. He grinned and took a sip of his drink.
"I haven't met a girlfriend's father in a long time...What does your dad like?"
"He is in to films and reality shows. He isn't in to sports. So, wooing him with basketbal tickets...
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posted by Huddyaddict12
Smile (A Huddy Poem)

Here I am,
So close, but so far from you.
In the cold I am standing,
Outside your stone brick uithangbord
I cannot break through.

So I just stand there foolishly,
Peering through your window.
Loosing myself in your deep blue eyes,
My eyes fixed on your broken smile,
u are simply all I desire.

The pain inside floods me,
I am drowning in my misery.
But when I see your face, it all seems to fade,
And when I taste your red lips,
My hart-, hart skips a beat
As the rest of me goes numb.

The love I feel for u is real
But so are fears of hurting you.
So all emotions are pushed aside,
Right volgende to all the tears I’ve cried.

In this life of wrong I live,
u remain the one thing I got right,
The only one I let inside.
Now heartache and hate has filled its place,
And I never want your smile
To fall from your face.

*Inspired door the episode The Itch*
posted by cudambercam13
"I'll have the meaty marinara pasta and a diet pepsi." Cameron was at a pizza Hut A few minuten away from the hospital. She missed the hospital and sometimes she even regretted going back to Chicago. But nothing was keeping her here now.
Cameron was so cought up in her thoughts that she was oblivious of the people around her. "Cameron?" She looked up and saw Thirteen hovering door her table. "What are u doing here? I heard u were in Chicago." "I was. I guess I just missed it here. Come on; sit down."
Thirteen was a little shocked door the invitation but she accepted. They sat and talked for...
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posted by cudambercam13
It was almost Christmas at PPTH. Cuddy was just putting an angel on the top, boven of the boom in her lobby, when she felt someone poke her on the shoulder.
"Need some help?" Cuddy turned around to see an unbelievable sight: House was offering to help Cuddy. "You can't reach either." Just as she was about to get a stoel, kruk to stand on, House picked her up and lifted her to the top, boven of the tree.
"Doesn't that hurt your leg?" She hurried to put the angel on the boom and House sat her down. Cuddy gave House some decorations to put on the tree. He put them on and pulled out a handmade ornament from his pocket....
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Okay this is my seconde chapter to the Our Lives story and it is very explicit and may not be worth viewing to some people but there has to be a little bad before I get to the good trust me it will have a happy ending. Please read and let me know what u think. Thanks

Chapter 2: Searching

    Mac had the full police department in Princeton out searching everywhere for Stella and Lisa. Many people who were at the hotel where they had been attacked at were questioned but no one had any information that would help in the search. Mac was starting to get very frustrated and worried....
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posted by HuddyJoy0524
We were watching clips of "As Good As It Gets" in psych class today and there was a scene in the restaurant with Lisa Edelstein and Peter Jacobson playing a young couple! It was all I could take not to shout "It's Taub and Cuddy!" in class.

It won't let me post a link from youtube on here anymore so if u go to youtube and type in "lisa e in as good as it gets" it will pop right up.

Anyway, thought u all would get a kick out of it, especially because they look so young and have worked together before! :D
My first CSI:NY/House, M.D. crossover fic so I hope u enjoy it. It's really dark at the beginning and many might not like it but trust me it gets better and HuddySMackedfans u will love it. Please leave commentaren and let me know what u think. Thanks!

Our Lives

Chapter 1: Payback

New York Police Department Crime Scene Investigation Detectives Stella Bonasera and Mac Taylor were on their way to meet some vrienden at a restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey on May 18th 2007. They were going to meet Dr. Lisa Cuddy, a long time friend of Stella’s and her boyfriend Dr. Gregory House. They arrived...
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posted by rosehustle1
"You have a paddestoel shaped birthmark on your inner thigh." House stated as he traced his hand up and down Ariel's bare skin. She ran a finger over his arched eyebrow. He looked up at her and leaned in to kiss her mouth. She smiled once they broke apart. He turned on his side and brought the blankets up to cover them both.
"I don't usually rush in to sex. Just to let u know." Ariel zei with a smirk.
"I know...but I'm glad u did this time." He zei with his ever present smug gaze.
She dropped on her side and traced his prickly beard. He closed his eyes and gave in to her gentle touch.
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Before u assume anything, I recommend u read the artikel first.

Lately, there has been a shift of opinion about Cuddy's character especially after the introduction of the Lucas arc. People have been claiming the writers are writing her too OOC, that they are displaying her for everyone to hate causing no sympathy for her character. They are calling her all kind of names, bitch, whore, tart, slapper and a blind idiot. The truth is (as I hope it is), the fandom are loathing Cuddy not because she chose Lucas over House and that she's treating him simply as another employee in a cruel mannner,...
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posted by cudambercam13
- - -"It's a spinal tumor. Go treat her." Another puzzle solved, and now for the bad part of the dag to begin. Just as everyone was leaving, it was time to face this problem head on. "Chase, u stay." Everyone looked at Chase to see what was going on, but he knew just as much as they did. As soon as they left, House started. "Cameron talked to me before she left, and..." It took House a seconde to find out how to tell him. "She zei she loved us." He whisered, but Chase heard. He stormed out as quickly as possible.
- - -House decided that he could do something about it, so he picked up the phone...
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posted by rosehustle1
"Hello, I'm Dr. Lisa Cuddy. I'm House's...boss." Cuddy zei as she put out her hand to Ariel. House watched the exchange silently from the stove.
"Uh, I'm Ariel Harrison." Ariel zei shaking Cuddy's hand. Cuddy looked over at House briefly catching his blank gaze.
"Well, I should leave. It was nice meeting you." Cuddy zei with a nervous smile as she headed quickly out the door. Ariel watched as the woman practically sprinted out of the apartment.
"Why was she here?"
"Covering her ass...don't worry about it. Come here and taste this pesto I made." He zei as he took a spoon and dipped it...
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