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This House M.D. kunst van een fan contains portret, headshot, and close-up.

posted by cudambercam13
"House?" Cuddy opened the door to House's office. He was sound asleep at his computer with a muziek playlist on the screen. At least it wasn't another porno video. Cuddy scrolled down the lijst of artists in front of her.
-Alice Cooper
-Bon Jovi
-Duran Duran
-Linkin Park
-Salt and Pepper
-Stroke 9
-The Cure
-The Who
Cuddy found it a little strange that House would listen to Abba, Eminem, Salt and Pepper, of Madonna. Plus, she didn't even know who Stroke 9 was. She was interested in seeing what songs of compositions House himself had made, so she clicked...
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posted by livethislifeup
Cuddy was lying on her divan, bank in darkness, waiting for House to return. It had already been twenty minuten after he had left for Rachel, and she was beginning to worry. She looked up at the ceiling, paying close attention to the detail, averting her mind from the terrible thoughts that seemed to creep. To calm herself, she finally got up, and slowly moved towards her desk, and bent down. She opened a compartment in her desk, and grabbed to what appeared to be a glass, and a jug of bourbon.
She stood up, closing the compartment with her foot, and began to walk back to the couch.
She set the glass...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Pitt was having his afternoon thee when his office door swung open. He got on his feet the moment House entered and it was followed door a deafening silence. He sighed before turning back to pour some meer thee to his mug as his patient stood frozen while staring at the carpeted floor.
Pitt: Need a drink?
House: No...
Pitt: We could ---
House: I'm letting myself go to rehab ---
Pitt turned to him as House looked up again.
House: For my leg... rehab and therapy... again...
Pitt: Are you... Sure?
House nodded.

*** 2 weeks later ***

Cuddy opened the front door with Rachel at her arm. Wilson was the one who...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
door volgende morning, Cuddy woke up as early as she could. Her alarm clock went ringing door 2 o’clock in the morning but she decided to get up on her feet thirty minuten later. She went to the bathroom to do the routine stuffs before walking down the keuken-, keuken to prepare her self some breakfast. She was seated alone, with cup full of hot thee at hand, on her keuken-, keuken counter while re-reading the folders she reviewed last night. Her eyes were about to fall back to sleep but she was holding on.

On the other hand, same time, House began waking up from his hospital bed. He smiled when the thought of Cuddy...
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Author’s Note: This one’s a bit short, but I’m just trying to get the right feeling out of the story for dividing it certain ways. So as I get meer into the plot of the story, you’re probably going to be seeing some longer chapters.
Murder in the Clinic
Chapter 2: Discoveries

    Walking out of the clinic exam room after receiving a call from Foreman on his pager, House dropped Stone’s file on the nurse’s station and limped his way back to the elevators. After a silent ride on the otherwise empty elevator, he walked into the conference room to see his three bored...
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Music: Come Around - Rosi Golan Dedicated to Giobazz. She knows why :D :D
house md
hugh laurie
lisa edelstein
added by othobsessed92
posted by Irene3691
Lisa gets home pagina and after having avondeten, diner and a douche she is really tired and goes to bed. It feels strange to have the whole bed for her; anyway she falls asleep very quickly.
House spends the whole night moving from one place to another and running a lot of tests with his team. It's been a long dag and he finally goes home. When he gets there it's early yet. House tries not to make much noise and has a shower. After that, he goes to bed and lies volgende to Lisa. Some minuten later, she starts to open her eyes and sees him sleepy.
‘You haven't waked me up...’
‘You haven't tucked me in either......
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posted by Irene3691
Some days go door and Cuddy has to take another pregnancy test. House is sitting on the sofa waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. She goes out and sits volgende to him. ‘Okay, let’s do it again.’
‘Fingers crossed... I have a good feeling today...’ House says.
‘Hope you’re right...’ She lies her head on his shoulder. ‘I’m starting to lose hope...’
‘Don't worry... it will come sooner of after...’
She sighs and they wait in silence for some minutes. Greg hugs her and rubs her arm sweetly but he is very nervous for the results. The alarm clock sounds. ‘Here we go again......
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posted by Irene3691
They go to the hospital with David. House fills some papers for the doctors and they come to his room to examine him and ask him questions. Greg and Lisa wait in silence until the other doctors get out of the room. ‘David, I think we should go and let u rest, we can come to visit u other day’
‘Yes, okay. I hope u have better luck while you’re in London.’
‘Thanks.’ She approaches to House. ‘See u David.’

They leave the hospital and go back to the hotel door bus in silence. He sits on a chair in their room and turns on the TV. Lisa sits on the edge of the bed. ‘Has David...
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posted by made_of_awesome
Sorry this is so short. I'll update soon!

It was the worst dag of his life. Every mean commentaar pounded on him like a hammer, crushing him from the inside out.

Such a bad day, in fact, he wanted it to be his last.

He staggered into his apartment and slammed the door behind him. He ate one last bowl of his favoriete cereal, played one last video game, and watched every copy of Harry Potter and ster Wars that he owned- Twice. He looked at a picture of him and the team, all of them smiling and having a good time, and he felt a lump form in his throat.

"No tears," he zei to himself, "I want to do...
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House was waiting in Cuddy's office that morning. She was surprised that when she got there at seven in the morning, he was already there, and even stranger, in her office. She sat at her bureau and saw a big smirk on his face.
"What do u want?" she asked annoyed. House smiled, and replied, "Did u door any chance leave something behind last night?" She stared at him a moment, looking very comfused. "Like what?" "Oh, I dont know. A hat... a neckless... a portemonnee full of dollar bills that smells like the strip club down the road..."
"House, what are u talking about?" House pulled a portemonnee from...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
The phone went ringing in Wilson's apartment a few days after Cate left Mayfield. He went out from the bedroom to answer it and knowing he can’t stand another minuut straight up, he took the empty chair volgende to his telephone stand.
Wilson: Hey...
Pitt: Where the hell are you?
Wilson: Just got home pagina from Michigan.
Piit: Michi -- u went to see Cuddy?!
Wilson: As a friend for god's sake...
He ran a palm on his face knowing he could pass out any moment because of lack of sleep. He’s also trying hard not to give out signs to the psychologist about what a horrible thing he did in his boss’s place....
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Previously on In Mayfield: He turned his head to face the other side, hoping to sleep again, but there he saw a woman figure with blonde hair and slim build. She was comfortably seated on the chair a few steps from his bedside with leg sexily placed on top, boven of the other. House was about to conclude that the woman’s another “Amber” hallucination of if this is real, this woman will be Cameron, visiting him, when the blonde lady looked up to him, only then he realized that it was…
House: Cate?
Cate: <smiled> Hey…
The woman stood up and offered him a glass of water...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Silence prevailed since the moment those three words were uttered door Cuddy. Three words, one vraag that neither House could answer nor Cuddy could figure out what lies volgende if he had answered. The wordless moment brought not only clashing emotions but an uneasy atmosphere. He wanted to say something, just to calm things down but again he doesn't know where to start, too bad she feels the same way.
The silence already took their two hours together and within that span of time, it was only their eyes that did all the talking. Until Cuddy can't hold it no longer so she blurted out after closing...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
House was having his daily session with another patient. Both of them were seated in front of the doctor and a counselor that will listen to their story of what is life to them now. They were allowed to tell anything they wanted and this what House hated the most. Opening up for him is a waste of time but since he’s a patient now, he has to abide door the rules set door his doctors. Pitt would often see him rolled his eyes whenever the other patient started crying because of the horrible memories that would drop door and bring tears.
Emma: I can’t have them… My children… It’s all I have...
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