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Hi Everybody, this is my first Huli fic. I usually just write for fun & never really put anything out there for other people to read. But I thought why not give it a shot & see what people think. This is probably not any good & way off. Hopefully I will get better at this. Please let me know what u guys think. Thank You!

Hugh just got home pagina from shooting the last scene of episode 2. He thought after the sex scene in the first episode he was in the clear, boy was he wrong. He doesn’t even know how he made it through rehearsals & shooting the scene in Wilson’s Office when Cuddy grabs his…

He rubs his hand over his face as he walks over to pour himself a drink. He had to stand there & pretend that Lisa grabbing him in his lower region didn’t bother him. Who was he kidding?!

He stands there with a glass of Scotch thinking how Lisa’s hands felt on him. Over & over & over again. At one point she rubbed her hand on him, that sent him jumping & them having to do the scene again. If he kept thanking about it he was going to have to take a cold shower.

Hugh was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard his front door open, reveling Lisa.

“Hey.” Lisa zei walking towards him.

“Are ok?”

Hugh put his glass down and met her half way.

“Sure, why wouldn’t I be? I just had u feeling me up all afternoon.”

“I wasn’t feeling u up!”

Hugh gives her a pointed look, saying he didn’t believe her.

“No, then what would u call what u did then?”

Lisa smiled at him “a slip of the hand…”

“My foot.”

“Well, u Mr. Laurie have great self control.” Putting her hands on his arms.

Hugh put his hands on her waist (thank about the picture of House & Cuddy with them in front of House’s apartment door)

“Barely. I’m always near the edge with you.”

“Well how about jumping over & losing control. Now that we are alone, u can do all things u were thinking about doing to me. We are alone.”

“I love the way u think.”

Hugh dragged Lisa to the bedroom forgetting all about House & Cuddy. Just focusing on Hugh & Lisa.

The End

*runs off to bed cuz its almost 5 in the morning*
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Interview with Lisa Edelstein & Robert Sean Leonard @ TCA 2009
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Thought the Huddy breakup was devastating? That was nothing compared to today's hart-, hart break. @LisaEdelstein will not be returning for season 8.

I, just like many of you, am in shock. While I knew something was coming, I hadn't really let myself believe it. But today, the harsh reality has hit us. If u turn on House MD volgende season, Lisa Edelstein will not appear. While I love the cast/crew, the toon will not be the same without LE. She is the hart-, hart of the toon & there is no one that can fill the void that her departure will create.

That being said, our voices must be heard. I am creating...
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posted by huddyislove

First of all,
I am so sorry about the seconde post!
I must have clicked the paste button twice!
Sorry guys!!!!!!
oh, loved your reviews <3333 I always do (:C
Anyway, for those who wonder when is this all gonna end, I'll tell you.
I finished it today...
Yeah, I was so sad I cried...

So enjoy...

The late morning sun filled the room. Hugh woke up and realizing he’d been sleeping to someone he had his hands wrapped around, he opened his eyes. There she was, her head resting on his chest, her left hand brought to her face. It was the first time for Hugh to wake up volgende to her and realizing just how...
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posted by BreeInDiamonds
Thanks everyone for the feedback! I wasn't going to do anymore until tomorrow, but since everyone liked it, I figured I'd give it a go. Enjoy :)

Lisa couldn’t beer to face Hugh for the rest of the dag and asked if she could go home. Unlike Hugh, David knew what was troubling Lisa. He was there when Hugh had his interview and could already smell trouble on the horizon. He had no idea it would hit Lisa this much, though. He figured she would be sad for a little bit, possibly yell and scream, but not let it get to her like this. But then again, Lisa never could take an insult very well.
Lisa had...
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