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(A short scene between John Smith & Mark James, taking place six months after the events that occurred in “I AM NUMBER FOUR". Warnning may contain *SOILIERS*)

For months I’d been wandering around like a zombie, contemplating if the decisions I’d been making lately were affecting those I cared about. And while I would confide in Sam the truth was he didn’t know how to deal with the isolation I’ve felt my entire life. This was the first time he felt cut off from the world but I think at the point he was adjusting better than I was. I couldn’t think about the others of my destiny...
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posted by Harrypotter148

It was a great book i enjoyed it about!

The movie was really great.... if u did not read the book.
The some things they changed w/e
Lets start with the fact thet Sarah/Johns relationship happened to quickly. and Henri never met Sarah. But other then that is was OK

He was funny and i liked his character
But he never explained much to John. We don't learn the Planets history, and John kinda POP knows how to use his powers w/ out training!
He knew little about what was happening to John ( unlike in the book)
He died at the WRONG freaking part!
- He died after...
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posted by LostieKilljoy
I'm a huge fan of Alex since he starred in the Alex Rider series (Stormbreaker) and I'm a fan of this book as well ^^ I can't wait until the film comes out even though it wont stay true to the book, I still have a feeling it will be good :3 I'm going to be waiting in anticipation until I see the trailer on TV!!

He was brilliant in Stormbreaker as the spy Alex Rider, and I think Alex knows how to capture the characters from books' personality really well. Thumbs up to Alex and thumbs up to the film.

Loveyou Alex <3