gin ichimaru fan art NOTE: I did not make this i give all credit to whom ever i took it from off the internet!
These are all the best ways i could come up with annoying the hell outta him!Or just creep him out at the very least...All these i made up off the top, boven of my head!XD if u have any I'll happily post em up here and give u credit:P
1. Ask him why he squints all the time.
2. Poke him with a stick.
3. pay grimmjow to dup a cup of thee on Gin.
4. Tell Aizen gin is gay for 'em (for the record i wouldn't really do that...Or would I. Hmmm...).
5. Switch all his clothes with Grimmjow’s clothes.
6. Give him a beer hug and tell him that u think he's adorable.
7. Tell him he has weird lookin’ eye brows
8. Kick him in the shin and laugh
9. Call him a noob when it comes to fighting
10. Shoot spit balls at him
11. Dressup as him for Halloween
12. Hang up a bunch of pictures of Rangiku in his room
13. Tell him it's ok to be gay for your leader (Once again, would never do that)
14. Say his Spiritual pressure is pathetic
15. Tell him he looks like he wore a dress when he wore his captain's uniform
16. Tell Harribel that gin zei she's hot
17. toon him a fan fiction that makes less sense than this cause this is pretty dumb
18. Pull his pants down in the middle of a meeting
19. Tell him he has no fashion sense
20. Switch his toothpaste with wasabi; see what happens when he uses it *pictures gin flippin' out* heheh....
21. toon him the yaoi couples of him&izuru, and him&aizen
22. Video tape his reaction to #21
23. Put that video on YouTube and make him watch it
24. Ask him why he smiles ALL THE TIME
25. Tell him u think he has A.D.D
26. Tell him he's so pathetic he hasn't reached bankai yet
27. Tell him that Tousen zei he's a complete retard
28. Make him watch a really bad Comedy/Romance/Horror movie with you
29.If u chose the horror: Spill a drink on his lap (preferably water of appel, apple juice)and yell “GIN PISSED 'EMSELF!!!!
30.If u chose comdey:Make him snort his drink out of his nose (trust me, if it's cocoa...Feel bad for him...It is going to burn like hell) and then say that joke wasn't even good...(make sure it's during a SUPOSE to be funny part}
31.If u chose romance: Pay grimmjow (he he...Grimmjow is involved in many twisted plans..)To scare gin onto your lap. When he jumps on your lap yell “GET THE HELL OFF! u F-IN' RAPIST!" (*laughs* that'd be funny, u know it! but I’d never do that).
32. Place thumb tacks where he is going to sit
33. Put a whoopey cushion under the divan, bank cushion where gin is goanna sit; when he sits on it say "Jez! What did u eat, Gin!?
34. Tell him he needs a better hobby than spying on people.
35. Gather all the Espada and sing "U.G.L.Y." whenever he walks down a hall; continue to follow him till he snaps at yah
36. Give him a hug and say sorry for ruining your life...then yell "NOT!IT"S MY JOB TO DO THIS!"Then make a roadrunner noise and run off (you know, like in that old cartoon with wile coyote and his plan to always capture the roadrunner...).
37. (Back to #2) after poking him with the stick, grab his sword from his and start poking him with that!
38. Grab a mes and stalk him into the living room with it. When he turns around; u scream at the top, boven of your voice and Fake him out like your goanna stab him. Drop the knife, and walk away......
39. Right in the middle of one of Aizen, Gin, and Tousen's little marches into a meeting yell “GIN KILLED GRIMMJOW'S PET CAT!!!!"Then see how gin and grimmjow react.
40. Video tape how they react
41. Arrange for gin to go in a fight against George Saint Peirre from U.F.C...Video tape that and toon gin how badly he got F-ed up in the fight
42. Tell him that he looks like an old man with his hair that color
43. Knock on his door, when he asks "Who's there?" kick down his door and yell "ME!"
44. When he chases u out of his room, yell "RAPE!!!!"
45.Ask him if he likes video games.
46.Beat him at his fav video game XD
47.Punch him in the arm as hard as possiable
48.Take a bow and arrow and "acciidentily" shoot a flaming arrow at him
49.Tell him that he needs to dye his old man hair (lol)
50.Pull on his overhemd, shirt and "accidentilly" rip his overhemd, shirt
51.Dress up as a cop and point up a water gun at him,see if he puts his hands up
52.Annoy him to the point he'd use shinsou
53.Tell aizen gin was being a jerkface
54.Tell him that Szaylez (i think thats how u spell it -.-) zei he is a no life guinea pig soon to be used for his experiments
55.Go back to poing him with a stick,this time,make sure u poke him in the head
56.Yell "lord azien!there's a vos, fox in the building! can i kill it?" aizen:"yea,sure go ahead" Then after the approval,chase gin with a shot gun XD
57.Give Arrurettie gin's sword,then run away and watch gin kick the crap outta Arrurettie
58.Tell him he needs to
That's all i got so far...
I am a big gin fan,so i don't mean any of this stuff...But u can try it out,if u wana risk getting stabbed door Shinsou.....
Cooooollll picture O.O