After everyone was done giving their presents, from Aizen u got to miss meetings for a month, unless they were very urgent. Nnoirtia gave u stuff to take care of the kitten; u guess Grimmjow spilt his idea to everyone. Everyone gave u something useful, Yammy gave u some polish to take care of your sword. Everyone liked it because your sword was a type of scimitar that was bright blue. Your bankai gave it a goud color, but it still looked like the same; but its abilities were Incredible. Its power is probably why Aizen let u kom bij his army. Yup, u found this all very funny. Because while u were so busy with everything else; u had forgotten today was your B-day. u just kept grinning as the kitten Grimmjow had gegeven u was attacking Gin’s hakama. gin picked up the kitten and began poking its tummy. The kitten tried biting him. He found it amusing; u just found it cute and funny. u let out a tiny giggle. gin placed the kitten down and he picked up his present to you. u still pondered why gin had her give u the little box but u figured best not ask questions. When he picked up the box Lilynette gave out a sharp and loud squeal of joy. gin gave her a look that quieted her down. u thought whatever was in the box must be really important. gin looked nervous, but he walked over to you, took u door hand; got down on his right knee. u looked at how this was going and it struck u like a mallet hitting Yammy’s head. u went red in the face and couldn’t breathe because u got so excited. gin took a deep breath…
“Will you” he took another long, deep breathe.”Marry me?”
u were lost for words. u knew it was happening and what u wanted to say, but u couldn’t shove the words from your mouth. It was like choking on something that wasn’t even there. After a couple of seconden of struggling to get the words out, u pretty much busted out saying “Yes! I will marry you, Gin.” gin stayed there to overjoy to move. So u knelt down volgende to him and hugged him. u gave him a kiss and smiled. gin still stood there, probably shocked u actually agreed. It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy it’s just that he thought u would reject him because u were his subordinate. He finally got to his senses and put the ring on your finger. The ring was truly admirable.
“Its beautiful! How’d u get it though? u don’t have any money from the world of the living; and around here there are certainly no jewelry shops.”
“Well, Aizen zei if I wanted to get u a ring, I was gonna have tah pay for it myself. SO I got a job at a jewelry store; when I made enough money plus my employee discount. I got a ring I thought you’d like.”
u hugged him tighter than before. u were touched what he went through to get it. u were also impressed he wasn’t using too many odd conjunctions and words that wouldn’t make sense unless u knew him well. He confused Margera with how he spoke when Aizen created him. Poor Margera; but he had adapted to it fast. He still didn’t trust gin though.