gin and u were busy with plans for u two to get married. u were going to have it near a river in the world of the living. u always wanted to get married near a river. But u never liked anyone else besides Gin, and u thought he liked Matsumoto…. After deciding where and getting invitations sent out. u and gin went to a store to pick out traditional wedding dresses/Kimonos. gin got u a traditional white kimono with a tsunokakushi. A wedding head piece; u loved it and thought it was adorable. For gin u got him a nice black wedding kimono. u also got him a fan, just cause u could. gin liked it; u figured he was lying from the look of it. But hey, at least he was good at not hurting your feelings, right?
“Uhh, I guess if yah say so.”
Yeah. He wasn’t too shabby… He walked over to u holding the fan up to his face. “Hey, who am I?”
“You jerk, if Kisuke was here-“you stopped mid sentence because Kisuke was there! u panicked and grabbed gin door the arm “Hey, whata-?” u yanked gin out of sight, u dragged him into the changing rooms and shut the door behind you.
“I ain’t sure if were suppose to change together…But if yah say so… ”Gin began removing his clothes
“What!?!?! No!!! Kisuke was out there, and as hot as that is-“you stopped your sentence short just to stare at him shirtless. “Uhh….. Uhh….” u couldn’t remember where u had left off.”Uhh, put your overhemd, shirt back on please? Thanks. Ok, Kisuke was out there and I don’t know why he was. But if he saw us; he’d surely attack, unless he doesn’t know about the whole “Peace out were leaving u and taking “The Break Down Sphere”….”
“He probably knows, Mrs. Yoruchi may have been the leader of the secret remote squad. Be she can’t hold a secret for ‘er dear live.” gin zei not very pleased. u and gin devised a plan to get outta there A.S.A.P. u both wore hats, and they were pretty big, so not to fret if Kisuke saw u he wouldn’t see your face. gin grinned happily with himself. u just rolled your eyes. Both of u went to the counter and bought your clothes, but just as u were leaving the store...”Yoo-hoo! Hello there. u two are getting married?”
“Uh…Uh...No hables Englace…” u zei in your best Spanish accent. gin stared at u and shook his head in disappointment. ‘This is how yah rid yerself of pests. Just pray they don’t speak Japanese very fluently...”
gin walked over to Kisuke and began to speak in Japanese. But, sadly Kisuke spoke back in the same language. gin walked back to u and was smiling.
“Did it work?”
“Like a charm...”Gin put his arm around your waist and u both went walking away happy with yourselves. u were just glad Kisuke hadn’t realized it was u two.

Wedding Kimonos i like em cause theyre pretty :P
a Shiro-maku made of white silky material (or just silk depends :P)