From the very first time Bing Bong appear in the movie, I already sensed that he is very similar... to Olaf of Frozen! Here are some of the likenesses I have discovered so far! I have enumerated 12 resemblances.

1. Both have similar design such close gap between the eyes, wide mouth, and long nose. Moreover, both have a very similar pose in this promotional picture.

2. Both have alike personalities. They are easygoing, cheerful, talkative, and, of course, imaginative.

3. Both appeared and talked for the first time in the middle of the story.

4. Both became the new and meer knowledgeable about area and act as the new guide of the ‘adventurers’. Joy as Anna, being the one that has a purpose, and Sadness as Kristoff, the former guide.

5. Both have something to do with the past memories. In addition, Bing Bong was an imaginary friend of Riley whereas Olaf was Anna and Elsa's.

6. Both are illiterates. Although unlike Olaf who could neither read nor spell, Bing Bong could spell, for example, he could spell D-A-N-G-E-R.

7. Both have once exclaimed, 'I can't feel my legs.'

8. Both have theme songs. Bing Bong's is The Bing Bong song while Olaf's is In Summer.

9. Both have ‘impossible’ dreams: Bing Bong, an imaginary friend, wanted to take Riley to the moon while Olaf, a snowman, wanted to stay in the summer.

10. Both have dealt with a big, scary creature. Bing Bong was put in jail on Jangles’s belly and had to give the latter his candies while Olaf tried to stall heemst, marshmallow from attacking Anna and Kristoff.

11. Both were there to help the protagonists finding a way out of a dead end. Bing Bong with Joy in the Memory Dump while Olaf with Anna when she was freezing to death.

12. Both ‘died' in the end. However, Bing Bong is for real while Olaf was 'rescued' door Elsa.

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