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Sango112 posted on Feb 08, 2009 at 10:39PM
What's up everyone? I know i haven't been updating anything lately. School and all that stuff blahh xP. So now I'm planning to write a brand new fanfic. And I need your help. What do you want to see in a story. Btw my speciality is mainly Sango and Miroku. So what's your opinion. Do you want a tragic story,lemon,comedy,romance,humor, etc. Please Help Me Out!!!! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ^_^. And if you do help me. I'll give credit to you in my story. well if you want.

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een jaar geleden poddo said…
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Something like......Sango's Family and an Adventure,
Romance about Sango and Miroku,
Something shoking!,
With alot Romance,
Humor ofcures!
Something that'll shock the fans,
And no I don't want Credits ^_^
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een jaar geleden Sango112 said…
hmmmm ahhhh be more specific. please. what do u want to see. like character death or suspense between sango and miroku. plz