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Sometimes when words fail you, it's easy to explain your favoriete K-Pop idol to your vrienden as the "Korean version" of a global, American pop star. But ever wonder what your favoriete K-Pop idol would actually be like if they competed in the muziek industry across the world?

Here are our guesses! 10 K-Pop stars and their American counterparts, let's go.

Hyorin/Ailee ≈ Beyonce

We've heard this comparison many times before. Both Hyorin and Ailee have been heralded across the Korean media for being the 'Korean Beyonce,' and not without good reason. Equipped with amazing vocal talent and a sense...
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From PSY and Snoop to a slew of girl and boy bands, here's what visuals got top, boven U.S. viewership on YouTube this year.

With 2014 officially in the boeken -- and K-pop performing better on the charts than ever -- we now take a look at the videos that earned the most aantal keer bekeken in America. Billboard can exclusively reveal the top, boven 25 K-pop videos with the most aantal keer bekeken in America, according to YouTube.

Just like the 2013 ranking, the indomitable PSY takes the top, boven slot with his latest hit. "Hangover" takes No. 1 while a slew of familiar faces and a few newcomers kom bij him at the top.

EXO, who Billboard eyed...
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Source: http://uhd.img.topstarnews.net/wys3/file_attach/2015/02/06/1423183445-11-org.jpg
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For muziek Bank‘s jaar End Special, the toon had performances of many of this year’s biggest hits as well as special stages to celebrate the Christmas season.

Check out page two to see what song topped the show’s K-Chart this year.

Performers: SHINee, Kara, 2PM, IU, BEAST, 4minute, EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, K.Will, SISTAR, miss A, AOA, Teen Top, M.I.B, Ailee, Girl‘s Day, A Pink, Dynamic Duo, Nine Muses, Crayon Pop.


“Happy Together” & “Last Christmas” – Naeun, Wooyoung, Hyorin, Niel, Seojun, Bora, Ailee, Dynamic Duo

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Page 2:
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