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de keuze van de fan: Yes
de keuze van de fan: In Tdi when They had a "Team E-scope" thing going on
de keuze van de fan: Izzy
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manuellalla zei …
hi my name is manuella'm from Brazil and the English this bad but I'm using the google translator and I'm paying this monkey with my beautiful English but I want to mention that I'm loving this page because izzy and noah's life had taken at least 7 season has nizzy I am a super fan is a perfect match and I do hate those who gostao of Noco and Notie these people have problems, ok I just wanted to mention it then bye, bjs :) geplaatst een jaar geleden
Random9747649 zei …
WUUUUUTT i just came back to enjoy the good ole times and this was updated A jaar AGO?!?!?!??!?! door me!!!!!!!!! WUUUT! D: that makes me sad :( common guys! NIZZY FOR THE WIN geplaatst een jaar geleden
Random9747649 zei …
im sad that theres not much nizzy supporters :( geplaatst een jaar geleden
izzysawsome commentaar gegeven…
I'm atually a HUGE Nizzy supporter<3 een jaar geleden