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MASTERPIECE THEATRE presents The Complete Jane Austen, including new productions of "Persuasion," "Northanger Abbey," "Mansfield Park," and "Sense and Sensibility." STARTS: Sunday, January 13th.
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"PERSUASION" (1971) Review

This adaptation of Jane Austen’s 1818 novel turned out to be the first of the old Jane Austen televisie adaptations that the BBC aired during the 1970s and 80s. Produced and directed door Howard Baker, and adapted door Julian Mitchell; this two-part miniseries starred Ann Firbanks and Bryan Marshall.

As many fans of Austen’s novel would know, ”PERSUASION” told the story of Anne Elliot, the middle daughter of a vain and spendthrift baronet, who finds herself reunited with her former finance, a Naval officer of lesser birth named Frederick Wentworth. Eight years...
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A look at Jane Austen's life through her stories
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