Just came back from the earliest tonen I could get of "The Lone Ranger"! In a few words... IT. WAS. BREATHTAKING. I reserved special seats, called D-Box seats (not sure if they have them in your area), but they are basically seats that verplaats with the motion in the movie. For example, if the shot showed men on horses, your zitplaats, stoel would bounce up and down (not too severely though). The seats were expensive, yes ($18.25 US a ticket), but they were definitely worth it. I could feel my hart-, hart pounding in several train sequences. So, if u can, I would recommend getting D-Box seats.

As per usual, Johnny was amazing, but Armie Hammer certainly was good too. He was good playing the "bumbling idiot" of sorts. As for Helena Bonham Carter's role, it was smaller than I expected. A bit above a cameo appearance, but below an actual main character. She certainly made her short screen time count though.

Now to the good stuff: Johnny's performance. Kooky Tonto, but definitely wise. And trust me, it's not racist. I swear. I've seen a lot of people on tumblr saying they were boycotting the movie because "Tonto was portrayed in a racist way". They have a right to their opinions, but it didn't strike me as racist. Tonto is wise, witty, clever, and intelligent, meer so than the Lone Ranger. Some people zei "Tonto was acting like he was nuts; that's not how Native Americans act". He was acting this way because... POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!! He was burdened door what he had done as a child. He felt guilty for destroying his tribe for a cheap watch, and zei guilt drove him "mad", sort of. SPOILER OVER!!!!!!

But Tonto was also the comic relief. The theater would often burst out laughing just from a few simple words from his mouth. Yes, at some points, I got teary-eyed for some stuff that happened to him/his bird (yes, his bird. u read that right.) He didn't need that many lines (he didn't get a whole lot) because everything he needed to say was expressed door his eyes. Johnny Depp is incredibly fantastic with eye expression.

Overall, the scenery was incredibly beautiful. Yes, 95% of everything u see in that movie is real, including stunts, trains, and backgrounds. And it's definitely NOT DULL, as the critics may say. Pay them no mind. And when u reach the first action sequence, get ready, and brace yourself if u have D-Box seats. THE MOVIE WAS A WILD RIDE. If u have to see one movie this summer, make sure it's this one. Oh and I wouldn't plan on bringing small children. There's lots of gunfire and some blood if you're sensitive about exposing your children to too much. I'd say it's okay for ages 10+.

Thank u so much if u took the time to read all of this! Hearts and kisses! I loved the movie and am already anticipating the DVD/ Blu-ray release!

P.S. If you're used to normal, sexy, youthful Johnny Depp, u will be thrown for a loop with how the movie begins. (SPOILER MAYBE) He is Tonto as an old man, tellin the tale of him and the Lone Ranger. It's not pretty. Yes, wrinkles and all. (Tried to find a pic but I can't so take my word for it.)