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de keuze van de fan: Josh is lit!
de keuze van de fan: Josh + Kira
Josh + Kira
Josh + Malia
de keuze van de fan: Josh + Scott
Josh + Scott
Josh + Liam
de keuze van de fan: #1
de keuze van de fan: His electricity powers
His electricity powers
His personality
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Articuno224 zei …
We seriously need a better icoon for this spot! The icoon isn't even recognizable, it's just some behind the scenes stuff that I've never seen, when I look at the icoon I don't even see Josh as a character in any way.

But I can't believe we have to wait forever until we get enough fans just to change the damn icon... geplaatst ·11 maanden geleden
RobbStark234 commentaar gegeven…
I agree with that, but u could always ask random people to join, and then make them leave again when we have enough. ;) ·10 maanden geleden
RobbStark234 commentaar gegeven…
BTW: I see u got your Josh icoon xD ·10 maanden geleden
Articuno224 commentaar gegeven…
It's between 11 and 15, because I've seen a club with 10 and it still wasn't enough, but I've seen a club with 15 and that was enough ·10 maanden geleden