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posted by Jt_SwagDope
Birthday:August 23 1997
Where I live:LA, Cali
Race:Black, White, Puerto Rican
Siblings:Dre (17), MeMe(5)
Best Friend:.......Next Question
Best Friend in girl form:.....Next Question
First kiss:1st Grade
First time:5th grade
Fav color:Black n Blue
Fav food:I eat everything basically
Fav sport:Football Basketball
Sports I play:Football basketbal
Fav rapper:Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Chief Keef, kendrick Lamar
Fav song:Crack, Dope Peddler,Turn on the lights (lloyd remix), iDont like
Fav place:Westside pavilion
Fav show:Aliens dnt watch tv
Fav movie:Any scary Movie
Fav person to talk to:My...
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added by TayLuvsYhu_
man let me tell yall somethin' fha reall doh okaii...... the best thing i love about Jt period.... is how he so reall wih yhu doh and how like he aint gona never leave yhu i mean manneee he there door yo side through everything drama,heatrbreak,ect. And when he sed "DRAMA OVER NOTHIN'" AINT JT TELLIN DUH TRUTH DOH! MANE I TAKE DIS TO hart-, hart drama over nothin that makes a big deal over something dat should'nt have been drama n duh get go. And yhu can talk to him about everything i bet he be dere fha yhu doh? am ii right am i RIGHT!!?!!????!! THOUGHT SO! lol Bhud Jt like that person who yhu can...
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posted by LenaBabez
Hi Im Lena :D like u don't know but umm Jt my best friend,my ex,my soul mate i just love him so much SIKEEEEE!!!! lol okai okai but forreal Jt ma nigga he always trying to put a teef in a struik, bush tho lol he cute (i guess lol) he nice,he funny,he fight to damn much He got dem girls talking bout him lol
We been through alot but we never had a fight YAYAYAYAYAYYAAYAY Go Lena! Go Jt! -dances crazy- But umm yeahhh i guess what im trying to say that i love u Jt u ma nigga <333

Welp Dats It HOEZ now get df off my nigga artikels because i own him yeahh dats right teef keep on scrolling

Df u still here?Gtfo ma nigga shoo goodbye bish

Iight im finna shoot a mofo in the ezel if u dont leave -loads gun- One

im just joking okaii baii
added by KimberlyC_
added by Jt_SwagDope
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added by Jt_SwagDope
Source: K'A
added by Jt_SwagDope
she a fashion killa and ima trending nigga
posted by Bella_Babez
Well Jt iDunno Where Taaa Start. Lofl. Okaie, Well My First Impression Of u Was Uh He Cute, But He Looks Like He Mean of He A Dirt Bag. ! Then, When iGot To Knoo Youu iWas Like Awhh He Adorable, &&' iAbsolutly Love His Personality. Now, My Impression Is, Mmm He Cute, Hilarious, Mean, &&' Abusive ^_^ &&' Still Love Your Personality &&' Slow Af'. (:
Jt You're A Great Best Friend ! Forreals. u Always Making Me Laughh. Youu Do Annoy Me When u In Yo Slow Mode. *Niqqah Be Smart*. Lofl, Yous Swaqqed Out . &&' u Basically Got All These Girls On Yo Dick.....
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posted by Bella_Babez
Hai JT. (: Welll, I'm Boreeeeedd. Soo I'mma Write Ah artikel Fhaa Yo Uglyy Ass. xD. Kae? Kae!
Uhm...... Well.

Youu Not Ah Frannd Yhuu Mah Bestfrannd .
Youu Not Uglyy Youuuu Cute.
You're Not Ah Retard You're Just Stupid. c:
Youu Not Nice Youu Meannnn. :(
Youu Not Normal u Weird.:/
Youu Don't Love Me, Youu Hate Me. (: xD
You're Ah Freak. xD
You're Funny (iGuess)
u Make Meh Laugh.
You're Not Boring You're Fun'.
Your World Isn't Boring It's Fun (iWas Wrong)
You're Ah Pain In My Ass.
You're Dumb Buht iAm Tooo.
Youu Act Likee Youu Mah Dadd.
You're Short &&' Youu Sooooo Young.
Youu Still Ah Little Boy &&' Youu Knoww To Much.
Buht Guess What? Ugly xD


Ohhh &&'

I'm Your


You're My Hoe/BestFrannnnd

Buht That's Why.....


Even Thoo Theem Numbers Still Haven't Gotten Shone Taa Me. Buht It's Ok. Buht hallo Whatcha Gonna Get Meh Fhaa Christmas?
added by Jt_SwagDope
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added by Jt_SwagDope
posted by TayLuvsYhu_
JTTTTTTTTTTTT MA MEAANN FUCKERRR<3333 I FUCKIN' LUV YHUUUU SO EFFIN MUCH MEAN FUCKER<33 Lol But Fha Real.. This Ma Best Friend Tho Since The Beggining Thooo'. Always There For Me Know Matter Whaat. Jt Soo Reall Tho We Be Have N' Them Funny Convos Tho, Niggah Niggahh Niggahh lol.YALLL ALLL KNOW I WAS OBSESSED WIH JT RIGHTT? IF U DIDNT KNOW WELL YHU DO NOW FUCKERSS..Lol... We Koo vrienden Right Now Tho Jt Always Gona Be Ma Baby<3 ;) idgaf What Yall Say Okaaii? Okaii Ma Point Is Jt.. Yur The Best Thinqq That Has Ever Happnded To Me. Since May... Yea Just Been The Best Friend Ever To Me....
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posted by Bella_Babez
Haaii JT,
iJuust Wannted Toooooo Saay Thaankz Fuuh Everythiingg. Youuu Always Make Me Haappy. &&' You're My Best Fraand Forever. Just Other Hoez Get Jealous When iTalk To Youu. iDunno Why. But Anyways, You're Adorable. &&' iTalkk Too Youu Everyday iHope Nothing Changes Between Us. Haha &&' Canndy World Gave Mee Ah Tummy Ache . /: iThinnk iAte Tooo Much Canndy . Dx . Oooh &&' Abuse Me One meer Timmee We Gunna Have Problems Frfr'. Daannng If u Gone' Touch Me, Touch Me Positively. Not Negatively. Geeez. Ohh, &&' You're Like Uhm u Know Cute But MEAN To Me (Sometimes). Always Telling Me Go Stfu. ! Welp, iLoovve Youu. Best Friend. Byee
posted by Bella_Babez
Well Jt, Youuu Making Meh Mad With These Numbers Forreal. ! Yuh Did 3 Buht What About 2 & 1? Lol, But iLove Youuu Still. ! Hehe, Jt Yous Mean, Funny, &&' Abusive Always Putting Yo Hands On Me ^_^ ! Like Just Be Nice &&' Not Abusivee. iBe So Nice Taa Yhu But Yuh Ain't Nice To Mee *Fuck You* Lofl ! Ohh, &&' Youu zei " iAin't Fuck Youu Yet" Lmaooo Niqqa Cuuz That's Somethinq Youu Gotta Earnn &&' Maybe iWill Lolololol. Maybe Not! Depends! Oh Well Yuh Jt Make Meh Smile &&' Happy. ! iWoold Never Wannt Taa Losee Youu, iThink I'd Diee x_x !
Since Yhu Don't...
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added by TayLuvsYhu_
added by TayLuvsYhu_
Jt song lol ;)
posted by Bella_Babez
Mm, Well Since Jt Wanna Be So Strict &&' Demanding I'mma Just Write In His Club Soo He'll Stfuu Lofl, Jk. Anyways Jt Hass ALOT Too Offer, He's Funny. &&' Mean &&' Absolutly Loves To Call Me A Turd Tf'? Haha, But Yous Got To Love Him. ! He Adoreable, Ohh & Ya Can't Fuhget Irrating. Mhm, Well Meh &&' Jt Don't Arguee. &&' He Says iAct Like A Sis But We Tha Same Age. Uh Yah But I'm Olda door A Few Months.<33 (: Well iDoo Love Jt. Everyobe HasToo If Youu Don't You're A schoffel, hoe ezel Loser. xD You're Really Missing Out On A Good/Mean But Funny Frannd
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posted by StaceyBabee_
Ello Ppl Well Dis Be Stacey Heree If Don't Know Who I Am, Idqa'f. (; Okaay Well, Jt Is My Ex, My Best Friend, Flirtinq Buddy (Jk) ;3 ,
He's Everythinqq A Gurl Evaa Wanted. :)
I Love Him With All My hart-, hart n Soul. Yeaah We Fouqht, We Broke Up Mhmm So What? It Was My Fault Anyway :/ Buhhh Anyway We've Throuqh Thick n Thin Toqethaa, He's Always There Whenever I Need Him. He Calls Me His (Muti-named Person) xD Stfu Jt !! Lmaoo I Love Youu Bro, u Funny As Hell :P Ha. Ehh' Well Anythinqq Elsee Bouut Him? Well Hes Just Awesome :) n Everyone Lovess Him Fo That. But I Love Him More!! Soo Gtfo Hoes(x...
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