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posted by MarylovesSelena
61.Justin zei whenever he goes shopping he always gets offered clothes for free
62.Since no one found the golden ticket, Justin brought Caitlin and Christian Beadles to the Bahamas
63.Justin held hands, danced, sang and gave flowers to his OLLG during the bahamas concert
64.Justin's fan number is 404-665-3410 (add +1 at the start if u live in England)
65.Justin really likes Spaghetti, but has gone off it slightly after he spilt it down his top, boven on a datum
66.Justin can be very impatient
67.To Justin, age is only a number, it is personality what matters to him
68.Justin also zei Caitlin had an attitude, thats also why he left her
69.Justin sleep talks
70.Justin knows a lot of handshakes.He can also jerk dance and moonwalk
71.Justin would rather have an interview with a fan, than a TV of radio host
72.In 2007 Justin dressed up as a girl for Halloween
73.Justin wants a girl to be just as romantic as he is
74.Justin doesnt like girls who wear too much make-up
75.The first Japanese phrase Justin learned was 'Can I have your number?'
76.Justin zei Miley Cyrus is not exactly his type because they have too many differences but they are good vrienden
77.Justin's dog is called Sammy and is a Pappillion
78.Justin considers Christian Beadles as his 'little brother'
79.Justin doesn't like talking about money with interviewers, no-one knows why.
80.Justin's favoriete subjects are Maths and English
81.Justin didn't know what snoggibg meant when an interviewer asked him a vraag about it.
82.Justin likes a girl who can cook
83.Justin felt sick at the begginning of the 'Baby' video where he was spinning because of the machine pulling him around.
84.Justin keeps a kruis halsketting, ketting in his pocket all the time
85.Justin dislikes girls in tight clothes.
86.Justin pefers a girl younger/the same age as him, then he feels like he's protecting her meer
87.Justin never wanted fame, just to be a professional rugby player.
88.Justin was once asked out door a guy
89.When Justin was in Japan, the Japanese people called him Justin Beebah
90.Justin never talked like a gangster before he moved to Atlanta
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