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 justin bieber,American muziek Awards,2015
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Source: justin bieber,American muziek Awards,2015
justin bieber,American muziek Awards,2015
justin bieber
american muziek awards
shotsme 2015
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This Justin Bieber foto contains jersey, t-shirt, t shirt, tee shirt, and trui. There might also be portret, headshot, and close-up.

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Smiling to yourself, u enter the apartment u and Justin moved into no meer than a maand ago. It still felt slightly weird for u to share an apartment with someone else - and your boyfriend at that. u and Justin have been dating for almost six months now and although your family and vrienden were skeptical for u to verplaats in with him so early into your relationship - it didn’t stop you. u loved Justin and he had told u countless times how he loved u too, although u had a hard time believing him. With Justin being away weeks at a time, surrounded door beautiful girls wanting him...
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