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de keuze van de fan: Season 4
de keuze van de fan: shane
katherine moennig
de keuze van de fan: Alice
de keuze van de fan: Carmen
de keuze van de fan: Shane McCutcheon (The L Word)
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cmichelle61 zei …
yes ur voice is so sexy mmmm! love u for ever! hope to meet u some dag geplaatst een jaar geleden
cmichelle61 commentaar gegeven…
forgot and love from kansas! een jaar geleden
castro88 zei …
hallo Kate. u will probably never read this and i'm feeling like a loser writing here.. I just want to say...Maaan your face stays stuck in my head. I dont even know why i m telling u this... I fell like little girls writing to the backstreet boys . Whatever man u beautifull, Have a nice life man.. Be happy. geplaatst een jaar geleden
kassie20 zei …
I know u probably wont ever see this but words cant describe how much I adore u and your acting. u have such unbelievable talent. I started watching The L Word and that is how I came to discover you. But in reality I have watched u on many different films and didn't realize. When I did,I had to go back and watch all of your movies. u really are an amazing actress.i hope u have meet and greets soon so I can finally meet the wonderful, beautiful Kate Moennig. geplaatst een jaar geleden