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posted by kathleen951015
Hello everyone. It's me Kathleen and MEEEE Cyndi and we're here doing nothing. Really, nothing. I'd go on youtube but Kathleen thinks that's boring. PEOPLE TRIPPING CAN BE FUNNNY!
Anywhoo, we just wanted to say hello to the people of people who are as bored as us to come visit us. Ha ha that must stink. I feel your pain. So, today is thursday, and tomorrow is friday and then I (cyndi) have only 3 days left of sckool, but I (kathleen) had tests and what ever so I'm done. yay me. House reruns are on mondays. scrubs reruns are on every day. It's like living in a wolrd of pure imagination. Hey, have u guys watched Willy wonka? Not the freaky one with JOhnny Depp the other one. Johnny Depp is really wierd in that one. I agree. Ha ha audieu!