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 Jacky & Katy
Jacky & Katy

Katy Perry and Jacky finally met at the Warped Tour on Sunday night and there’s a lot meer going on with these two than meets the eye… Know why?

Katy’s people got at Jacky asking him to produce and appear on a record with Katie, but guess what? Jacky turned it down MANE!!

Jacky just completed a metal album with his new group ” Deep Fried Memories” and Jacky feels working with Katy will weaken his straat credibility. It’s refreshing to see not every artist in this industry is only after the money and some are still true the game. Jacky doesn’t want any part of helping a poser. Doesn’t Katy jock the punk scene? Why else would she be performing at the Warped Tour!

I wonder what Katie Perry’s ex-boyfriend Travis “Schleprok” McCoy from Gym Class Heroes has to say about this?
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When I grow up I want to be just like my idol:
Katy Perry
Be3cause when i grow up i want to be a singer and katy perry is the best singer there is. I want to inspire people to sing just like katy perry has to me
She is so awesome!People in school always made fun of me for beingdifferent so i tried to fit in until i heard about katy perry. KP saved me from being afraid so now i'm always standing out in the crowd and i'm proud of it.Katy Perry inspired me.So when
i grow up i want to be a little girls/boys inspiration.
I want to make them feel like they can be thereself
I love KP!I listen to her CD teenage dream every night before I go to bed.If i could only have one wish it would be to meet KP,and if i could ask her only one vraag it would be to sing a duet to teenage dream with her.katy Perry is the reason why i want to become a singer.
<3<3<3 I love Katy Perry!
She is a firework
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