Well folks, hope your all doing well and behaving yourselves. Well its like 2 in the morning and i'm on the bus on route to our volgende theater which is the "Mahaffey Theater" in sunny sunny Florida. I love the SUN! 3 meer shows and then we have a dag off in Nashville, and i cant wait... i've never never been there before. I bought an old arch top, boven gitaar in the same pawn koop i bought my Lentin in S.Carolina a few days ago. $55...BARGIN.... gonna get a nice pickup for it and treat it to a few other things it will be sounding savage door the time its done!
The shows to datum have been going really well on this tour with Celtic Thunder, and the lads and I are having great craic along the way! Someone told me that there is a strand like 10 minuten from the venue we're at tomorrow.... so i think i might have to drag myself outa bed and go have a look... u never know there might be waves!!! And if not i have to go buy a new skateboard ... yup thats my plan for tomorrow!

I don't mind not getting a surf this tour, because i'm going on a weeks holidays in California at the end of tour, and then heading to Hawaii to meet with a good friend, and go watch the Pipeline Masters on the north shore, have a few beers and surf till my hearts content... well until the 18th dec, which is when i'll be going homeward bound!

Well guys i hope you're enjoying the website?!? Also go and have a look at the new Merchandise shop, and don't forget to drop door the forum and chat about what ever u want to who ever u want!

P.S. this is the new weekly BLOG that will be going up ... hope u like it!

Well, I'm off here - take care and keep 'er lit! " :)