"Hello to all!"

"What's the Craic?"

"So its half time at the toon in LA and i thought to myself, what will i do? So here i am writing my blog! today we done an interview in a kilt koop somewhere in LA..i think it was meer down near O.C. area, it was for E entertainment and it was good fun... YOU'LL SEE!"

"friday was a dag off and it was MENTAL in Las Vegas... would love to back there for a few meer days...went on the New York roller coaster, done a bit of gambling, checked out the dancing water and took loads of cool pix...A good days fun for sure!"

"San Diego was a laugh to even though it was a toon dag i went 3 times to the Croche restaurant it had great grub... A wee bit pricey but worth every bite!"

"I've been doing loads of skating now because were back in sunny dry weather..but not for long Seattle the Portland my most favoriete city in America..3 days off there and im really looking vooruit, voorwaarts too it"

all for now..till the volgende time

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Well, I'm off here - take care and keep 'er lit! " :)