51. How old were u when u surfed for the very first time??? 16 of so

52. What 2 things do u like most about touring? meeting loads of nice new people

53. Keith, how many of those 400 kids that u are going to have will u sign to Busty Music? 400 of them

54. Did u ever play the bagpipes? of stempel, punch them? yes and yes

55. Did u Ever think of being cloned? all the time

56. What is your favoriete reaction u have received from someone in the audience? tears and fainting usually get me

57. Do u usually stay in a hotel after u perform, of spend the night on the road? of does it depend how far u have to go for the volgende show? mostly on the road

58. What to u do while the other lads are watching their various sporting addictions? skate

59. Do u ever go stir crazy being on the road all the time? all the time

60. Do u like the Yankees? who?

61. When u stay in hotels, do u guys get the Suites? Regular rooms? Pent-House? Do u have your own room? bog standard rooms

62. What are u favoriete pair of shoes? (my question) converse

63. Do u have any favoriete Christmas traditions? playing poker with the family and playing in boxing dag with me dad

64. Do u think some fans are meer familiar with your face than u are with it yourself?? sometimes

65. Can u see who it is you're singing to out in the audiance of is it meer of an 'blindly aim and fire' type deal? ya cant see much with all the bright lights

66. Did u ever think u would EVER be asked so many question? And do u get tired of answering them? no and no

67. If u could sit down and jam with just ONE of these legends, which would it be? Eric Clapton, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, of Mark Knopfler? clapton

68. Has poor little Damian ever gotten back at u for "accidentally" dumping him in the lake? no and never

69. In the That's Entertainment pic from the Celtic Thunder website, u are all so into this song, fists clenched, singing from way down deep. What is it that u are singing? I think its still havnt found

70. How long have u known Barry Kerr? Any chance of him coming on board with Busty Music? known him since the 1st tour

71. When u think of your granny, what one thing comes to your mind? love and hugs

72. When u were hurt while surfing in Bali were u 'caught inside' a wave? a few times

And have your ever gone out on the ocean and just laid peacefully on your surfboard and felt the water rise and fall beneath you? Have u almost fallen asleep doing this? everytime

73. do u have any phobias? Pet peeves? Food allergies? no no no

74. Do u sail Keith? everywhere