"Hello to all,"

"I hope that u have all settled into the New jaar as swimmingly as i have, the surf really wasn't much to talk about from the time i got home, but the New jaar has had meer than enough tasty swells for myself and my mates to freeze our wee toe's off in!!!"

"Its good to be home, it always takes at least a maand i've now found to get your head back into normal life after touring, its just a different world when your on the road! As some of u already know i have created a studio @ home pagina now so thats been keeping me pretty busy, also i've been writing loads again and been writing songs for other people, u never know there could be a HIT in those mental lyrics some where ... lol !!!"

"It's the Bloody Sunday Memorial this weekend in Derry, so this sunday everyone will be doing the civil rights march from the Creggan shops through Creggan to the Free Derry corner, where they have people talk about the past and how thing's are getting better and better in the north. Also it normally attracts lots and lots of tourists from everywhere & great musicians who play in all the local venues round the town, our very own Barry Kerr is playing too!"
"Yes it was awful what happened on Bloddy Sunday but its good to see that people have changed and are trying to make things better."

"I am currently creating 2 new websites at the moment aswell, one will be for "BUSTYMUSIC LTD," my record lable, and the other is going to be a surprise!!! It's something i've been thinking on for a while, i hope it does well and if not sure hey, God loves a trier!!!"

"We'll i gotta go guys, there has been a new edition to the family and i have to go to a christening today and then wet the babies head afterwards!!! YYYEEEEEEOOOOOOW!"

"Finally i'd just like to thank everyone for all the present's that u have sent to me and everyone else, it is sooo cooool!"

"p.s. dont be a stranger and thanks for dropping in to www.keithharkin.com !!!"