Well to start id just like to say if the blog about the radio interview is still at the bottom of the screen its because i cant get rid of it and it wont go away!.... if it is on the other hand and is away.... HAPPYDAYS!

The new toon just got released and I hope u are all enjoying it and the new tracks, I only heard them today myself, and they sound great.... well done to all the lads on a great job!

I've been getting up to loads the past week of so... painting, soldering, surfing, changing windscreens on 38 jaar old VW bugs, ripping up carpets and writing a few songs in between too!

Came up with a really cool song yesterday and cant wait to record it... there's a set of drums coming in the volgende week of so to my studio, so even meer noise to be made now! Im sure the neighbors will be over the moon...lol. yeah the new song is about a song that really gets you. u know? That song, everyone has one?!

Ripped out all of the carpets on my VW and painted the floor to a matching colour of the rest of the car... that is drying as we speak and there is a nice set of tan mats just waiting to be slipped into place... should be ace when she's finished! Also the new windscreen arrived as the old one was cracked so i tackled it myself and managed to do a sterling job of it, a guy in Sligo was going to charge me 160 euro for the screen and for fitting, i bought a new one on the old tinter-web for 30 squid and stuck it in myself!!!.... woohoo, job done!

2 days geleden i wet into this pound shop...you know like those dollar store's u have in the states? Well anyways, i saw these really cool glass ball shaped things that are supposed to feed plants their water... but i thought they would make a class chandelier, so tonight i started to solder loads of cool copper wire n stuff to them so i can attach it to a nice piece of wood that i am going to go hunting for tomorrow on the strand of somewhere! I'll let u know how that progresses.

Well must dash anyways, I'm away for a cuppa and a good movie before my bed. If u havnt already joined my forum go and do it now please... its so much fun and is rapidly growing with like minded peeps like yourselves!!!

Loads of Love for Valentines.....( I wish i had a valentine .... 8(.....)

p.s. i went to the post office again today to collect all my mail, thank u so much to everyone for all your cool presents to both me and my family, i'd love to thank u all personally, but I wouldn't get finished in time for the fall tour!!! lol.
seriously though,

THANK u ! ! !