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posted by suicideheart
DAy 1:

Ughh. Marluxia bothered me with he flashy roze hair and Zexion was really getting on my nerves with that book in his hand. ALL THE TIME! but i have to give it to him hes was really smart and really powerful, which is why i HAVE TO DO A MISSION WITH HIM TODAY. If it were up to me I would rather do my misssions with Axel of Xion, not only because they were my best buds ever but becuase they could re-late to me and all, but anyway back to the whole me and Zexion mission thing, Zexion wasnt the most talkitive or, attractive of even emostionative person but i knew one thing and thats that...
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posted by ILoveKingMickey
 King Mickey and his Keyblade of Darkness
King Mickey and his Keyblade of Darkness
As seen in Part 2...

"Oh no... We don't have time for you! MOVE!!" Sora cried. Hundreds of heartless creeped and crawled from every direction towards the hidden light of the dark alley. The Queen paced quickly towards Sora with the others right behind her, "What?! What is it Sora...?"
"Whaaaaaghhhh!" Donald complained, "We're never going to get through this!" Sora looked over to the Queen who had a peculiar expression on her face, "What's up your Majesty? If u have an idea, I'm all for suggestions." The Queen looked up. "I think I know how to clean up this mess, but it's going to take a lot...
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posted by JasonOrgXIII
Roxas, Xion, and Deanxra is searching for heartless in the underworld while Jaxson was fighting in the tournament.
Roxas: Alright the underworld has two paths
Xion: sure looks like it
Roxas: Let's got to.....
Deanxra: The Right(walks to the right path)
Roxas: What? hallo Wait!
At the tournament
Announcer: And that's the end of round one and the winner is Jaxson!
Jaxson: that was easy, hallo I think I'm forgetting something
Announcer: Now to Round two
Jaxson: Oh, Right
At the Underworld
Xion: this is really weird
Roxas: Yeah there are no heartless, I told u Deanxra we should have gone to the left
Deanxra: Sorry...
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After Breakfast Xion, Roxas, Deanxra, And Jaxson are going on the mission they were assigned.
Roxas: Okay everyone got your things ready
Jaxson: Sure
Deanxra: Yeah
Xion: Then let’s meet up with Saix for A briefing
Jaxson: door the way what the thing about Saix the Puppy-
Roxas: Don’t ask
Jaxson: What? But wh-
Roxas: look just don’t ask
Xion: Can we just meet Saix now
Roxas: Sure, come on
They found Saix
Saix : ah, yes the newcomer
Roxas: So you’re sending us to Olympus
Saix: Yes as usual collect as many hearts possible
Xion: yes easy enough
Saix: Alright go through the dark portal that leads to Olympus...
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posted by JasonOrgXIII
hallo Organization XIII Fans, I'm a new fanpop member JasonOrgXIII. Okay I'm writing A story about organization 13 where anyone can kom bij just post a commentaar about your org character and maybe you'll be in the story.I'll try to write a new one every week so just wait. So this is the beginning and i'm a new member, Zexion found me while he's on a mission at Twilight town. So
He takes me to Xemnas Knowing I'm a Nobody. And Xemnas zei I'm the new number XIV. Zexion showed me to my room and to meet the other Organization XIII members. I tried to bond with Marluxia but appears to me to be gay. so volgende I tried Xaldin but he was in a bad mood and almost stab my arm. So I decided to go back to my room.
In this story we have our own roommate. and I was paired with Xigbar. End
If anyone wants to kom bij the story just put a commentaar below with your org 13 name,who u like, and what is may power
Alright, the story continues, as a boy named Jason meets the Organization.

dag 7: enter: Jason
The Grey area: Members of the Organization relaxed as Saïx distributed missions. At the moment, Saïx was giving missions to Larxene, Zexion, and Vexen. "Three different smaragd, emerald Serenades," Saïx was saying, "have surfaced in three different worlds. As the most skilled magic users, u three will spleet, split up to kill them. Zexion, u take Agrabah" Zexion zei nothing but kept reading. "Vexen," Saïx continued, " u take Wonderland." "Alright," zei Vexen, " I needed to run some experiments there anyway."...
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 Xemnas, our Leader and Superior.
Xemnas, our Leader and Superior.
How does one know they are a loyal Organization XIII fan? Lots of reasons. I'm going to lijst a few of them. Please add your own if u want.

1. u have memorized their names and powers.
2. u own a jas and where it everywhere.
3. u try and open Dark Corridors to get places.
4. u end up having no emotion after playing as your favoriete members in KH 358/2 Days.
5. u walk up to a random brunette spikey haired boy and demand for Roxas to return to the Organization
6. (my favorite) u rearrange your name and insert an X to make up an Organization name for yourself and order people to call you...
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This is my very first Organization XIII fanfic. I've had this idea for quite some time, I thought I'd post it. Well, it's about Zexion, so enjoy!

dag 53: peaceful readings
Zexion sat in his room as Vexen went through his calculations. Zexion was reading a book on relativity and its uses. As he read, Vexen called out a string of complicated theroms and postulates. Zexion nodded, then called out, "make note of that, Jason" In a corner of the room, a red-headed kid put his book down and started to scribble down notes in a notebook he had. Zexion looked at the kid. Jason was alright, he thought....
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posted by ILoveKingMickey
As seen in Part 1...

"The King!?!?! Oh no!! Don't worry, your Majesty, we'll rescue him, no matter what it takes! Come on u two!" The Queen pondered for a moment, and then shouted, "Wait!" She ran towards them, "I'm coming with you."
"Whaaa? Are u sure your Majesty? It can get pretty rough out there. And, if anything happened to you, I don't know what I'd do to forgive myself." Sora stammered.
"Of course i'm sure!" The Queen replied, "Don't be so silly, he's my husband!" Sora replied, "I don't know... What do u say guys?" Goofy said, "Well, I guess she has the right, uh, I mean, well,...
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posted by roxasismine23
MAIN CHARACTERS: Gracie:aka:"roxasismine23" the "smart" one. she thinks about things before she says/does them. obsessed with Roxas. Quote:"I demand to meet Roxas!"(smart is in quotation marks because neither of them are actualy smart.) Steph:aka:"AxelsGirl15" the crazy one. she doesnt think, she just does what she feels like when she feels like it. obsessed with Axel. Quote:"oh, my god. Its a BOX! can i live in it?!?!" Roxas: well, lets just say he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Quote: OH NO! the castles gone! now I realy AM a hobo!" Axel: as the oldest of the 4 he is almost like the...
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Well, now Jason really will meet the Organization.

Day 8: Jason meets the Organization: The kasteel that never was: Larxene led Jason through the halls of the kasteel on a dog's leash. After Larxene took the unconscious Jason through the dark corridor the dag before, she forced him to sleep on the floor of her room. Today, she was going to introduce the Organization to her new slave boy. "remember," Larxene said, " you're not Jason anymore. You're slave boy." Jason looked up at her with his green eyes burning and said, "I'll get back at you." "Keep dreaming, kid," Larxene scoffed in a voice filled...
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"Welcome to the kasteel that never was girls!" axel anounced as they exited the portal into a large white room.
"I love u kasteel wall!" gracie cheered and hugged the nearest wall.
"I love u axel!" steph cheered and hugged the nearest axel.
"ack! let-go!" axel tried, once again, to pry steph off.
"Well, well" a voice zei from behind them "might i ask who this girl your hugging is?"
axel turned to face saix.
"hugging?!? who zei i was huging her?!? why WOULD i hug her?!?! shes always hugging me!! couldnt she just go and hug someone else!?! why do i have to be so amazing!!!"...
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posted by roxasismine23

"So. Bored!" Steph sighed. She was sprawled out on her bed staring at the castle's white cealing.
"I'm not!" Gracie chirped as she entered the room and made her way over to the wardrobe her on her side of the room. she was dressed in a ridiculous costume of leaves and twigs.
"what the heck are u wearing!?!" steph questioned, sitting up to get a better look at her friend.
"I'm a bush!" she explained as she rumaged through her backpack she had stuffed into the back of the wardrobe, grateful that Axel had taken them back to their houses to get some personal...
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posted by suicideheart
dag 6:
Ughh. There was a yelp and that usually meant something was not right.

i went searching everywhere in the kasteel all the way to the last floor. Walking down these stairs felt like forever sometimes.


As I got closer the Screaming started to increase into 2 voices,a man and a womens my first thought was Axel and Xion. i ran faster but still had alot of steps to go, when i relized i could just use my portal.

I stopped.

I cosentrated on the bottom floor where i wanted to be and opened my eyes and was there.
it was.... Zexion and Laurexene. Both surounded door heartless at least 100 of little...
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posted by bighitta54
Kingdom Hearts III: The Keyblade Wars

This is when Sora and vrienden are 5 years older. Donald and Goofy are not mentioned in here.

Chapter 1 The first meeting

Sora, Riku, and Kairi were called to the keyblade graveyard. They did not know they were ALL called there. So they got there and saw each other. Heartless filled the scene and keyblades popped up in their hands. They saw armor on each other and commentaar gegeven on it. Then they all found a bunch of keyblades. They grabbed 2 and fought the heartless. after that, Master Xehanort popped up with the sedimental phantom.

Chapter 2 The first battle

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posted by ILoveKingMickey
King Mickey was walking in the realm of darkness, destroying every dusk and shadow that slithered in his path. When suddenly, Organization 13 surrounded King Mickey. Axel said, "Walking in the realm of darkness alone? Kinda, dangerous, isn't it? I mean guys like us could pop up anywhere, and then what, your Majesty?" The King didn't reply, instead he summoned his keyblade and expected trouble.
"Oh! Look Demyx!" Axel said, "he's expecting trouble. Well, he guessed right huh?" Demyx whined, "Why did u have to call on me? u know I don't like violence!" Axel replied, "Exactly. Anyway, your...
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Roxas and the others then gets ready
Roxas: Alright girls how about we go to a hotel?
Deanxra: good idea
Xion: accept one problem no money
Roxas: Oh, so were do we go?
Jaxson: If u guys have money problems I can help
Xion: Oh, Jaxson
Deanxra: How will u help
Jaxson: door using this (showing 4 VIP pass to a 5-star hotel)
Roxas: what's that?
Jaxson: 4 passes to fancy hotel at Traverse town
Xion: wow, where did u get that?
Jaxson: Oh, at that tournament in Olympus
Roxas: then it's settled so-
Deanxra: wait even though there VIP passes we only get 25% discount, it's not gonna be enough
Jaxson: then let's...
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posted by JasonOrgXIII
Larxene: hallo Deanxra, Xion
Xion: What?
Larxene: u want to sneak into the boys room
Deanxra: What?
Larxene: u know for a little fun
Xion: I don't know what if we-
Deanxra: count me in
Xion: Huh?!
Larxene: So how about it Xion?
Xion: No I'm going to slee-
Larxene: what if u can be with Roxas while he's sleeping?
Xion: (suddenly stops)
Larxene: so do u want to kom bij us?
Xion: Okay
At the boys side
Larxene: see we're not caught
Deanxra: Yeah guess so, wait where's Xion?
Larxene: I think I know where she is, follow me
Deanxra: Okay
At Roxas' Room
Xion: (Roxas is really cute when his sleeping)
Roxas: zzzzzzz
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Okay as promise I'm going to put Deanxra in the story. A normal dag in the kasteel until Vexen brings home pagina a new member everyone was ordered to go the meeting room. Vexen introduces our new member. Xemnas put in the same room as Xion and Larxene. And of course the girls side and the boys side are seperated to avoid unwanted accidents. Deanxra then meets Xion because there are alike and Deanxra got to meet Roxas and Me(Jasxon). And suddenly Saix came and told us that tomorrow Me,Deanxra,Xion,And Roxas are going to have a mission to Olympus Coliseum. Xion and Roxas are going to be our mentor. Okay new mission so suddenly tomorrow I was so nervous and scared. But Deanxra stayed quiet. But suddenly at night....
Read volgende week to find out and if u want to kom bij just post a commentaar about your org 13 character. so thanks for reading good night goodbye
posted by roxasismine23

Gracie, Steph, Roxas, and Axel were sprawled out on the floor of the girls room watching Beauty and the Beast for the sixth time that week. “want some popcorn?” Axel whispered, passing the bowl to Steph. “no thanks,” she declined smiling slightly, “you burned it again.” Gracie peeked over at Roxas. His eyes were glued to the screen and he was whispering the words to himself. She tried not to laugh. After a little bit the movie ended and Gracie turned the lights on. Roxas's eyes where a little red “That ending gets me every time” he sniffed....
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