Kingdom Hearts The KHIII Project

JM0c posted on Jun 15, 2011 at 02:29AM
Just to make this clear, This is not an official KH III page nor is this mean to be a typical fan story site. I have a vision for what The COmpletion of the main story would be Like and I hope to procure a team of great artist to share my vision. I take this serious yet I wish to have fun. Hope my team understands what it means. I have the actual KHIII story outlined for after the preparation project and will go over with my tam but if we are to get fans such spoilers would not be right.
What I plan to write myself is the beginning, the confrontation for the 7th Princess, and I plan to work on the final battle. All else between I am just a creator and those who understand major story writing process with keeping in mind staying true to the creation, Writers get creative control.

Who I need:
Writers For-
The Lights Army:
Sora- Writer needs to be skillfull in order to keep Sora's personality even within his moment of doubt

Riku (would also get to write Terra do to situation)- Riku is just as calm thoughts are the same he is just wiser and looking to gain more answers about himself while on his journey

Kairi and Aqua- Though story seems very specific there are many wholes and you get to write a unique story here

The darkness:

Lea- Story will be most unique culmination of story is obvious. You get to decide where Axel and the nobodies are and how Lea and Axel meet on their journey and unite. Lea's glimpses of personality and straight foward thought would be under your creative control.

Yami- Get him last because other than the preparation back story I believe he would jsut appear in all other stories. though a character developer is needed

Kaji and Xion- would work with me closely maybe co-write because Kaji is my character and as he is the focus of half this journey. A lot of creative control is in Ino for she is a very new and unique character. They get to basically make them themselves

Crossover issues will occur in most stories get to that road when we hit it

 Just to make this clear, This is not an official KH III page nor is this mean to be a typical fan sto

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