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deathsie posted on Nov 09, 2011 at 09:03AM
Welcome to Kingdom Hearts New Generation in this RP there is none on the old people e.g. Sora, Axel and Kiri (is that how you spell her name?) you will have to have the following here is mine

Name: David Parsons
age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5
Eyes: green like a a snakes eyes
personality: fun,loyal, chaotic,
looks: hair is always covered with a hood, always wheres a jacket, blue jeans, black boots.
keyblade(s): death riper and sun sole.
keyblade(s) powers: death ripper can rip apart anything from bosy parts to the persons existence, sun sole can bring back people from not existing to reality, the keyblades are intertwined and never go more that ten meters from each other or the fabric of existence will slowly get teared apart.

Story: after the 4th great war new more advanced keyblades started poping up all over the place. even some of the more advance heartless and nobodys have ended up with some. meany of the keyblade heartless and nobodys grew smarter and stronger. they have formed an army. the nobodys are the smarter ones and have formed powerfull groups to kill and take the keyblades and there holders. will you survive?
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