Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts Academy (RP)

X-Blade_Wielder posted on Aug 06, 2012 at 06:48PM

1. Do not take control over anyone else's characters unless they let you or you need to for a scene

2. Langauge and mature content are allowed

3. You can use cannon characters

4. You can have up to 3 characters, If you want more then just ask me

5. Have fun!
A group of people wake up Inside a basement of a mysterious school called Kingdom Hearts Academy, with no Idea how they got there, Now they must uncover the secrets of the school, find a way out and get back home
( '*' Is required)

Sexual Orientation:
*Appearance (It can be a pic or not):
I'll be getting the classes and schedules ready and when people sign up Imma do the roomates
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een jaar geleden dargox said…
(here's my)

Name: Dexal Yumi
Age: 16
Gender: male
Sexual orientation: straite
Appearance: (link)

Personality: Dexal is the Strong yet outgoing type who doesn't worries about the small stuff & loves to pull pranks but when comes to his friends being in danger that is when he steps up to protected them.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 103lb
Other: he's another key welder with the power still sleeping within.
Keyblade name: Dragon's heart
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een jaar geleden X-Blade_Wielder said…
Your accepted! (Okay my turn)

Name: Kiru Akatsuki
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Appearance: link (She's the blond one and her chest Is abit bigger)
Personality: Kiru sometimes acts like alittle kid but gets serious when she has to, she'd never fall for anyone because Vanitas would only hurt them In the end and Kiru would always try to be there for a friend that needs help, no matter what
Weight: 118
Height: 5'7 (1/2)
Others: She has an evil spirit Inside her named Vanitas
een jaar geleden dargox said…
(awsome charc! So should we start?)
een jaar geleden X-Blade_Wielder said…
(Indeed we shall! haha I kinda gt this RP Idea from a show called Tower Prep but Its only the uncover the secrets and find a way to escape, anyway lets begin)

Kiru walked Into her room and closed the door "Today was so long, I need some sleep" She pulled off her shoes and fell on the bed, she started dozing off until a knock came from the door "Uhg, who Is It?"
"Its your mother" she slightly pushed the door opened
"Come In mommy!" Kiru jumped of the bed and hug her mothers leg "I had a really long day"
Akira (The mother) frowned "I've heard you been acting up lately?"
Kiru shook her head "I didn't do anything, they started It"
Her mother sighed "What am I gonna do wtih you?" she walked to the door "Get some sleep, I'll start cooking dinner later
"Okie doke!" Kiru hopped In her bed and slowly started drifting asleep and Akira smiled and left the room
een jaar geleden dargox said…
((sorry, never watched tower prep because I don't have cable. T.T))

Dexal walks into his room and belly flop onto his while dropping his stuff on the floor. "man! I'm soooo sleeping in tommrow" he said into his pillow while also falling to sleep after a long day.
een jaar geleden X-Blade_Wielder said…
2-3 hours later Kiru woke up from the cold air In her room, she got up out the bed to see If dinner was fixed "Im starving, mom Is dinner ready" there was no response "Hello, mom you there?" there was still no response "Hmm, thats odd maybe she's In the shower?" Kiru ran to the bathroom door and knocked "Hello, you In there mom?... Dang no answer"
een jaar geleden dargox said…
Dexal hears knocking on his bedroom door and gets up to open the door while cursing under his breath. "SIS, how many time did I...O_O!" He stop mid sentenced to find a tall blonde girl about his age at the door instead of his kid sister.
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een jaar geleden X-Blade_Wielder said…
Kiru took a few steps back from the boy and asked "Uh, who are you?"
een jaar geleden dargox said…
"Um....dexal..but shouldn't I be asking you that?" He reply back with puzzle look.
een jaar geleden X-Blade_Wielder said…
"Im Kiru and sorry Im not sure how I got here... uh bye" Kiru started to walk downstaires to the door