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This Kingdom Hearts foto might contain anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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Seifer zei "Let me rest okay?" wolk zei "For how long?" Seifer antwoorden "about 5 mins" Roxas and Sora were in pain and waiting for 5 mins in an atomic wedgie was increasing the pain.

5 minuten passed and Seifer zei "Okay, Let's go, but remember if u lose then one must have a permanent. wolk zei "Lets go get this over with." While wolk was talking, Seifer ran and jump over wolk and saw 2 waistbands. One was boxers and the other one was briefs. Seifer tried to grab onto the bokser but missed. He grab onto the briefs instead. Seifer zei "Nice undies.. Now I win!" Seifer pulled on the...
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Characters in Twlight Town:
Hayner- 17 boxers (Roxas best friend)
Seifer- 19 briefs (Bully)
Raijin- 18 boxer-briefs (Bully)

They finally reached Twlight Town and Riku crashed the gummi ship trying to land. Everyone stared at Riku and zei "What have u done? Can't u land?" Riku didn't reply back. They all started to walk out, but Roxas zei "We are forgetting someone... aren't we?" They looked all around and Sora zei "we forgot Cloud... Duh." When they went to see Cloud, he was struggling on trying to get the underwear off his head. Riku took him off the hook and Axel, pulled meer on the...
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As soon as they could see the back of Axel’s waistband they pulled, and the brand pattern was again visible for the seconde time that night. This caused him to yell, waking up both Sora, and Roxas who was upstairs still. Riku instantly held Sora down while wolk grabbed Axel’s arms easily over powering him. Leon quickly increased his force on the underwear getting it to mid-back quickly then up to the neck, and eventually all the way up to Axel’s head, with the waistband still tonen no signs of holes. They then decided to tape Axel’s legs together as well as his arms, tape his mouth...
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