Kirby Make Your Own Copy Essence Deluxe Items

yahooboy2 posted on Dec 24, 2012 at 01:40AM
hello kirby fans, and i have my custom copy essence deluxe items and copy abilities. here are my abilities and items have been divided into decks.
deck 1: food shelter.
1A: maximum tomato.
1B: ice cream.
1C: cupcakes.
1D: tomato juice.
1E: milk.
1F: multi-vitamin fruit juice.
deck 2: super ability smackdown.
1A: snow bowl.
1B: flare beam.
1C: grand hammer.
1D: monster flame.
1E: ultra sword.
deck 3: basic kirby adventure wii weapons.
1A: hammer.
1B: sword.
1C: beam.
1D: fire.
1E: ice, freeze.
deck 4: national weather's service
1A: spark.
1B: tornado.
1C: water.
1D: ice, freeze.
1E: plasma.
deck finale: food maker.
1: cook.

i am starting to have my own copy essence deluxe whenever i need a copy ability or an item for a certain event :).
remember, maximum tomatoes can energize you up for an upcoming plans LOL.

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