KISS KISS Army Colombia interviews Doug Katsaros.

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[My words: This interview is not that new, it was done maybe over 6 months ago. But there's no english version out there since it was a colombian website that interviewed Katsaros, and I'm sure most of you don't speak spanish. So I will translate it ;)]

Doug Katsaros participed on Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album playing piano on the song Hold Me, Touch Me.

KISS Army Colombia: Hi Doug, thanks for taking time to the KISS Army Colombia. You played piano and participated on the chorus in Hold Me, Touch Me. What do you remember about the recording of this song?

~Doug Katsaros: Hello everybody, my pleasure. I had written a song for Paul that apparently helped him to draw on and write Hold Me, Touch Me. Shortly after, he asked me if I wanted to be in the chorus and play on this song. It was a great honor, and he was very kind and grateful. We did it at a studio in Los Angeles, I remember that a partner, Peppy Castro, was there too.

KAC: What was Paul like in person how is it like to work with him?

~DK: He's one of the best men I've had the pleasure to meet. I remember he was a very nice person, very kind and a helper in what was needed. He just said encouraging things, and he always made me feel as a friend of his. As I tell you he's a great man, talented, kind and with a lot of values.

KAC: Peppy and Bob (Alessi) wrote with Gene Simmons, in 1980, a song called Naked City, that ended up on the Unmasked album. We know you didn't participate in this album but, was there any possibility of being on this album, just as Peppy and Bob?

~DK: (Laughter) at that time I was very far from them, at that time we were very unbalanced and weren't seeing each other very often.

KAC: Would you like to work with Paul again?

~DK: Of course I would like to work with Paul again, if the occasion arises. There was a time I was about to work with him again when I was working in Broadway as the orchestrator of the new version of the The Hocky Horror Show, but for some reason, nothing was confirmed at last. Over the years, his work and my work just haven't been in the same way, but I still think we would work together, destiny is undefined.

KAC: Doug, thanks for taking time to the KISS Army Colombia and giving us the opportunity of having this chat with you. Any words for the KAC?

~DK: Hello KAC! There are no fans as the real KISS fans, greetings to all of you!

 [My words: This interview is not that new, it was done maybe over 6 months ago. But there's no englis
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